Wednesday, February 08, 2006

just lovin' the paper big time

if i was going to lob eggs at the press and get my picture in the paper, i wouldn't be wearing a dressing gown.

if i trained for more than six hours a day, six days a week, i'd be able to do just about anything as well.

and if i was the police commissioner, i certainly wouldn't be making a statement such as the following from ms christine:

[who] yesterday told The Age she was surprised by Condello's murder but it was too early to say if it was part of the gangland war.

"I'm not prepared to say this is the start of anything," she said. "A lot of the matters are before the court, a lot of people are being charged, so I'd like to just see this as a one-off at this stage and we will investigate it and see what we can find."

a one-off. a one-off??!!

ps. two mistakes were made in the last week, by me, a woman hard-pressed to finish her thesis.

the first was watching an episode of medium. the second was watching the double-encore-ep of prison break.

this brings my weekly viewing to a total of four shows, but including neighbours, which is on five nights a week.

this is bad. very very bad.


Dxxxx said...

a one-of-27 maybe... what a weirdo....

I avoided Prisonbreak as I certainly don't need to add to my tv viewing addictions... although medium - love it (even more so that she's actually a real person).
If you like medium, don't get sucked into watching the ghost whisperer with that hideous jennifer love hewitt. although i vomit at the pathetic goody-two-shoe-ness of her, the cheesiness and the ridiculous outfits she wears, *sigh* i must continue watching......


MU Insider said...

Ha! Mick is a trim, taut and terrific egg thrower who can wear anything with style.

PS join the fray @

Clokeeeey! said...

Looks like the "gumbas" have been trolling the net for any mention of mighty mick gatto.

MelbourneGirl said...

should i be scared?

[runs to fridge]
[arms self with eggs]
[looks at self]
[takes off dressing gown and changes into chanel suit with gold buttons]

sheriff of nothing said...

I have decided not to watch Prison break - not sure if that was a good decision to make or not...

sublime-ation said...

Did anyone see the Ch 10 news last night? How's the old lady who lived next door to the guy who was shot in the Gangland murder saying she was pleased he was dead? Don't people edit these things? Best tv moment since that old guy in the wheelchair came out at the MTV awards and told the kids how much money he was making off them.

MelbourneGirl said...

that's bad, sherriff. very very bad. because i really really enjoyed it. and yes. the main guy is a spunk. and yes. there are some really funky characters. and yes. love interest already identified within one second of main guy being in the infirmary with spunky doctor...

sublime. i don't watch ch 10 news. for that very reason. i wouldn't be able to get through a whole broadcast without kicking the tv in. i just don't like to do that to myself, ie expose myself to that much stupidity.