Tuesday, February 07, 2006

it's your age

i saw a few things that disturbed or disheartened me today in the age.

this* (except he was playing a musical instrument):

and this especially:

but none more so than this letter:

I am now a racist
Once again the outrage of the Muslim world stuns us in the West into disbelief. I ask myself what is in the minds of people who cannot tolerate any questioning of their ways, their society and their religion? How can people hold whole nations to account for the actions of a few newspaper editors? Where is the balance in their judgements, where is the reason without emotion?

As a formerly tolerant and open-minded Australian who used to believe that we can accept and live with each others' differences, I now strongly believe that Western traditions, beliefs and freedoms are incompatible with the Muslim world. I ask now, why do Muslims wish to live in Western societies if they find our freedoms so abhorrent? I ask, what do they bring to our society but venom and anger? I ask, why should we allow them into our tolerant society?
I am now a racist.

James Collette, Prahran

* can any one tell me why you can't find the same pics in the age online that are in the hard copy? this is annoying. do they archive them anywhere? thanks.


Clokeeeey! said...

Eddie looks like he's playing some sort of instrument to me. Possibly the Oboe.

Dxxxx said...

Was that at some cricket awards thing I flicked through last night on telly??? I saw Stevie Nicks singing Landslide and she looked stoned.... it was quite sad, really.

Chai said...

According to the world almanac, http://www.religioustolerance.org/isl_numb.htm
there are like 1.1 billion Muslims out there.

Assuming a hit rate 10% for arseholes (which may be low for humans), that give about 110 million arseholes.
Australia only has 2 million arseholes (of which most seem to have made it to Govt).

Also regd sensibilities, you could go to jail in Germany for saying that the Holocaust did not happen. I guess different things offend different people at different levels of magnitude.

Eddie McG for PM?

Magical_M said...

Do you think it was Shane's idea to take his kid along or was it a PR exercise?

As much as I'd like to think the first, I'm leaning towards the second.

And if Eddie does get the top job at Channel 9, do you think he'll have to "phone a friend" when he has a tough decision to make?

I'm sorry, that had to be said by someone at some point.

I'm still annoyed Roy lost out to Punter Ponting.

But it was nice to see him without white gunk slathered all over his mouth.

sheriff of nothing said...

Oh Eddie - what more is there to say!!

Clokeeeey! said...

Magical_M, I'm not suprised about Roy losing, he didn't have that great a series here or in England.

I think it was Shane's mum that told him to bring his daughter along, plus she slipped him a couple of pills coz he was looking a little bloated.