Friday, February 09, 2007

Hicks home etc

david hicks needs to be brought home. i don't care about all the ins and outs, the legalities, the finer points of argument, the this, the that.
it's unjust.
it's inhumane.
it's wrong to keep him there.

what about the geneva convention and human rights? some people excuse the lapse or breaches in human rights and say well, what he did was an act of war and treason, blah de blah. but those standards, that legislation was enacted after war to ensure that barbaric, inhumane behaviour would not happen in times of war.
it's important to read, to know what is going on. i'm glad it's not left the mainstream media; the little i read reassures me that it's still current, still topical, hopefully still in the minds of decent australians.
if we haven't got solid and fair laws, and people to make sure that they are upheld, then what kind of society are we? what kind of humans are we? what separates us from the evil, psychopathic, mindless destroyers who we say we are the enemies of?
have a good weekend. enjoy the sunshine. take off your shoes and give everyone you see lots of hugs. look them right in the eye and tell them you love this or that about them. don't drink too much.

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Perseus said...

Yeah, I'm two years late to this one.

I wanted a fair and just trial for him, and I agree it was inhumane to keep him in jail for so long in contravention of all human rights.

BUT... I didn't want him 'home'. There's enough anti-semites around already. He hates Jews, and in his own words, was proud to be fighting against the 'Jewish conspiracy'. Racist dickhead.