Saturday, February 17, 2007

friday's whimsical thoughts have become saturday's melting musings

fuck it's hot, isn't it? melbourne has sure pulled a scorcher out of the box this weekend.

so, yesterday i was thinking of lots of things. i'm too hot to go into detail, all right, so you can ask if you want more info. i know, lazy blogger, i've already admitted as much.

1. the owner of ONO 687, a white KIA that was parked outside our house on friday, you are a fucking knob for leaving your poor dog in the car. no, having the driver's window down half a foot doesn't excuse you. where was the water? where was the shade, because you weren't parked in it, idiot. and the roof of a car doesn't count as shade, not when it's 36 degrees out and the inside of the tin box is probably 50+

i hope the cops came when i rang on the advice of the rspca. i hope they did something bad to you, even if it was just a bit of a rough up. i wish i'd been here to see it, but i had to go pick up my kids from school.

2. i went to the chiro yesterday. she thinks i have carpal tunnel. this is not good. i have to try and use my mouse with my left hand for starters. this is pathetic. it's just trying to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time, except i can do that all right. the funny thing is, maybe, that my chiro deep heated it etc, then wrapped it in a bandage. i was feeling it was quite fetching and groovy for some bizarre reason, made me feel like i was wearing a tennis sweat band, until i realised that maybe people would think i'd cut my wrist, and then i started feeling self conscious about it. we went to a school open day for oldest daughter, and being a catholic school, i was thinking they were thinking i was a sinner for trying to cut myself. i was wanting to say, i am stable and i have carpal tunnel, please enrol this child.

3. the kids are cooking dinner. they are up the street with john getting the makings of dinner. we have the following to look forward to:

- dips and turkish bread for entree
- chicken parma (no, elaine and ruby, i had NO INPUT ON THAT DISH AT ALL)
- some sort of mystery dessert. they keep it secret, as a supposed attraction to us, the adults, but what they are really doing is giving themselves license to pile up a plate with absolutely every sweet thing they can find in the house. think about it. these kids are smart.

4. today is our day to water - yes detectives amongst ye, we are indeeed an even-numbered house. we have to water cause we haven't done it for ages. but i want to watch ice age 2 which is the slated entertainment for this evening. conundrum.

5. the bra part of the lingerie mentioned last post was returned to the shop and exchanged for a larger size. let's just say i underestimated my bosoms. you'd think i'd know wouldn't you, but i have lost quite a bit of weight lately in my efforts to be hott bride, and it was a little snug*

6. i keep talking about the oc. i love it. i love seth cohen and am very fond of summer. ryan doesn't really do it for me, he has a sideways thing in his acting which reminds me equally of russell crowe and richard gere and his blink-acting. i also love sandy. very much. although we're up to where he lied about his ex-girlfriend still being alive. his wife is very pissed off.

7. i am really quite deaf these days. it's deteriorated a lot in the last six months. i have to get a check up, don't i? is it a symptom of anything really bad, apart from deafness?

8. the gigi is one hot puppy, poor baby. she lies on the kitchen floor where it's maybe a little cooler.

9. i have to give up some tv. i am not coping with late nights. i wake up in the morning like an old woman with aching bones, and a dry mouth, and then i have to drag myself off to the gym. so can you help me. please vote for which shows i should drop out of the following pool:

- neighbours
- desperate housewives [kind of lost interest in this anyway]
- sisters and brothers
- heroes [think i can give this one a miss, after watching two shows]
- medium [don't tell me to give this one up, i love it]
- lost [hmmm, it's just so hard to watch off the tv. the ads, even fast forwarding through them, distracting]

these are all weekly shows that have to be watched. then there's the oc which we're watching on dvd and deadwood which we're waiting for the new season, also on dvd.

the thing is, i am watching more tv than i ever have in my life. i don't want to. please help me. there's so much else to do.

10. should i have the scottish piper at the ceremony or the reception, just at the beginning when guests are arriving. which is more appropriate?

take care, be nice, and don't leave dogs in cars on hot days. or i will dob you in to the cops. promise.

* read impossibly uncomfortable as well as unflattering.


MelbourneGirl said...

oh i forgot this - what do you think about peter garrett's about face. how can he have sung those songs, and now say he is 10% behind the alp's policy on shared bases. i am quite devastated. of all people, why him? maybe he's bullshitting to turn around later and trick them?

Watershedd said...

I'll up your vote and Peter Garrett and ask what I now do at the next federal election, as I strongly lean toward Labour, but I am in Garrett's electorate. He's not explained his change of position and he needs to. Hmmmm.

As for TV, I love Medium too, but it tends to un late. So why not tape it and watch it in another time slot when one of the less favoured options is on? Personally, I would ditch Neighbours (which put your Medium re-run at a much more civil hour), but I understand that once you're hooked on a long running serial it can be hard to break free. Thankfully shift work and stufy keeps me from making attachments to just about any show.

another said...

re: 7 perhaps you shouldn't google "acoustic neuroma". You aren't going deaf in just one ear are you?

re: 9 Ditch the lot except Medium. I've tried to like sisters and brothers but it's just six feet under lite. Really - a family business, scandal, gay brother, sibling relocating..and our Rach.

re Pete I was going to stop posting about him. Honestly. But the not boyfriend and I have the latest in conspiracy plots - maybe he's been an asio/cia plant all along and now he's showing his true conservative colours? Fancy that!

sublime-ation said...

I'm devastated about Peter too. HOW COULD HE?

What exactly is carpal tunnel?

MelbourneGirl said...

i meant to write 100% instead of 10%. hope you glided over that typo.

as for tv shows, we tape all of them, don't watch any "live". i tend to agree with you watershedd, except for the neighbours bit, although i haven't watched that in about a week. the family fill me in. but i do love medium the most i think.

carpal tunnel is something to do with pressure on your nerves in your wrist which then causes pain. it's different to the rsi type things.

i'm fucking falling apart.

BEVIS said...

Okay, I'm here. Let the TV Guy answer your TV conundrum for you.

DO NOT give up the following:

- Neighbours
- Medium

DO give up the following:

- Desperate Housewives
- Heroes
- Lost
- Deadwood
- The OC
- Brothers and Sisters
(not 'Sisters and Brothers')

The reasons for this are as follows:

- You love Medium. I'm not into it at all, but I know you're a huge fan, and that holds a lot of weight.
- Desperate Housewives has completely gone downhill. Ditch it.
- Heroes is a poor man's Lost. (I'm going to be posting about this in full detail shortly on 'TV Is My Life'.) Get out before you get hooked. If it's truly worth it, watching it all on DVD later, without having to wait a week between episodes, will be the way to go.
- For similar reasons to the previous sentence, you should wait for DVD to watch Lost. If you're looking for extra time during your week, give this show a rest, ignore anything you hear or read about the show, and then watch it all in one go on DVD in six months' time. Lost is an exceptional show (anyone who says it's crap simply doesn't get it), so I merely suggest holding off with this one to get a better appreciation for it when you watch it through in bulk at a later date that suits you.
- If you're into Deadwood (I've never seen it but I've only heard good things), the same rule goes for this one as went for Lost.
- The OC has been axed and won't live beyond the season that's currently airing on Network Ten. For this reason, you should cut your losses and run. Or at least hold off on the DVD watching until all the hoopla has died down.
- And finally, Brothers and Sisters is crap.

Glad I could help.

MelbourneGirl said...

bevis why thank you. you have confirmed my decisions, which are:

for the flick -
desperate housewives

keeping -
medium; we tape and watch

brothers and sisters - i just want to watch the two we have on tape but i'm thinking that will be flicked too, even though i think callista is the cutest button (still) and i like our rachel very much. but as AOF said, it's just a poor man's six feet under, which i LOVED and no one can ever replace.

lost - we are up to date to now, but haven't watched any of the current shows. will wait for dvd, good work.

neighbours - i've lost my taste for it but as princess got very cross with me yesterday and it's the only show we watch as a family i guess i'll get back on the saddle. i haven't watched it for about a week now.

the oc - i don't know. might peter out but we are only on season 2 dvds. i know it's been canned, i don't care. i love the seth cohen although he and summer are back together now so he's not as good.

deadwood; we LOVE so will just be patient for next season on dvd.

prison break - i think john can go ahead and watch on his own. i think i'm over it.

was that all?

almostplanetpluto said...

The carpus refers to the eight small bones that form the wrist jont, which are generally arranged in an arched fashion. The nerves pass under the arch. If something happens to cause the arch to flatten or narrow, the syndrome results. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition in which the nerves of nerves and blood vessels that pass through the wirst are compressed, resulting in pain radiating into the hand and sometimes, back up the arm. MG, find yourself a good hand specialist and look at all your options. See if conservative therapy, such as physio can relieve the problem first. Also look for the trigger. My Dad had microsurgery to his hand after amputating 3 fingers in an accident years ago. He suffered the problem for eight months, but eventually he managed with conservative therapy, which he was diligent about pursuing. He did not need additional surgery to relieve the pressure on the tunnel. Your condition may be differnet, but I believe in exhausting all other options first. Hope you feel relief very soon. It's a bugger of a problem.

Watershedd said...

I don't know how that happened, but the carpal tunnel comment was mine. Weird!

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks watershedd. after resting my wrist most of the week, ie no weights at gym, and with the treatment from the chiro, it's much better. i tried light weights at gym today and subsequently can feel it a little more, but it's much better than this time last week. am seeing the chiro tomorrow. i don't think it's carparl tunnel now. my mum had it, and she said the symptoms are different to what i've got. she suggested rsi. is that term still around? anyway, thanks for your comments. i always try the conservative options first. i don't even want an x-ray, let alone surgery.