Saturday, February 10, 2007

lazy blogger

you know i realised yesterday i am being a very lazy blogger. i started looking back at stuff i did in my early days, and saw how much effort i put into posting.

no more.

well, not at the moment anyway. i'm just not feeling it, you know. i've got other stuff on my mind, like seth cohen from the oc and how godamned funny he is. and whether the new series sisters and brothers will be a goer; whether i will persist with desperate housewives, or prison break. how lost starts again next week and that will really be like seeing old friends.

and then i wonder how i will manage to pull off the wedding of the decade in 3 months time.

how i will manage to write something for my next writerly meeting i have with a girlfriend in 2 weeks.

whether i should have a girls only weekend away pre-nuptials or an altogether party with boys as well.

see, how my life is wracked with questions and difficulties?

i wonder what frame of mind i used to be in to write some of my old posts, which just dripped off my fingers. which i will now shamelessly re-publish as a lazy, self-promoting plug.

this was quite a sociologically interesting one.
so, there's some reading for you, if you'd like.

i think that's all. oh yeah, bring david hicks home.


sublime-ation said...

Oh brilliant idea MG. Let's go back. What a great post! 2005 was so the year.

Some things (and there are so many!):

-Did 'Swifty' ever come back? I love his comment. Who is he and where is his blog (Swifty if you're reading).
-FBF using MY computer? buying me baguettes and cheese wtf?? How come that doesn't happen any more?
-Why were we so scared of long commenting?
-Russell Allen has to have the most consistent blog persona ever. Oh except for BEVIS.
-Looking at old comments is like looking at those photos of yourself in primary school with the pigtails and the layered fringe and the freckles and crooked teeth. A combination of cringe and aw wasn't I an innocent badly dressed little muppet.
-I feel I know you, in a blog sense (not biblical ha!) so well, my little 'hi I read your blog' (and only 8 others, I have 60 on my bloglines now. Holy Shit) was so cute! But I obviously didn't read you very well then (I think I was excited) cause I didn't know til I met you IRL that we had both 'lost our cherries' to Ms Fits. Blogophorically speaking, again.
-I still think the exact same way about anon commentors, but I have left 4 anon comments in my life (one was on Fitsy's Confession Booth and 3 were just cause I was sick of retaliations from the S.M.U.R.Fs), but I wanted to say it god damn it.
-None of us ever cottoned onto who 'your boyfriend' was. And now I'm like 'several identities'??? REALLY????
-Imagine if Gianluca's bro had hung around. We have put so many more bbqs etc on our blogs since then. HORROR.

So 3 cheers for laziness! More please.

Rowena said...

Yeah, I think about Seth a lot too.