Monday, September 01, 2008

monday musings

1. people who try to say that long day-care for children of any age is beneficial for them (the kids), and "doing good things" for the child are idiots and should shut up. day care is necessary, and it may not do any harm, but show me a mother who would still put their kid in long-day care from the age of 6 weeks for the good of the child, and not for financial or work reasons, and i'll show you a liar. (p4 the age)

2. breastfeeding - the idea that decreasing breastfeeding will result in higher illness and hospitalisations amongst deprived children who might be raised on formula amuses me. (also p4 the age). anecdotally, i've observed that kids who were breastfed for longer than mine and more successfully, tend to get sicker, more often, than her. i said it was anecdotal, so shut up.

3. sarah palin's husband is known as "first dude" in alaska, and their children are called willow, piper, track, bristol and trig.

4. what benefit are school concerts where the kids have to practise and practise, schoolwork gets neglected, they are exhausted, mothers are exhausted having to sew costumes or find costumes or buy costumes. then stage the performance on a tuesday night, so everyone is up until 11pm, knackered for the next day. everyone's sick - with three kids i haven't had a week in the last month where they've all been at school, every day. it's ferocious out there, with very evil bugs moving around, infecting our young, and our teachers, and parents. but re the concerts, i just don't get it. it's out of control. it should be reined in. i'm sick of it. and let's face it, the only people who think it's cute and/or enjoyable are the parents themselves. which means you have to sit through every other year level of interminable songs and "acts".

5. so it's 1st of september and therefore spring technically. it's cold and breezy and i am sick of this weather. it's really pushed me to the limits this year. i'm one of those people who enjoys the variety of melbourne's weather - i like the changing seasons. but this year, i've struggled. shut up, i'm not getting old.

6. i'm getting old. saturday night saw me out with a single girlfriend. while she had eyes flitting around, checking out all the boys, i was nursing a bucket of diet coke and wishing i could be home with my book. while she was trying to flirt, and failing, i was thinking fuck, what am i doing here? i even said it to her. can we get a video and go back to your place?, i whined. she just looked at me. look around, i said. everyone is young. this is their domain. we don't belong here. do you see any people our age?

she said it's ok for you, you're married.

and i tell you, i am glad. but even when i was single i didn't do all that shit. it's horrible and i hate it and i was so glad to get away from there and i'm never doing it again. i even said to her you're out with the wrong person.


UPDATE. tell me, it's insane isn't it to spend $140 on a brush for a dog? even if it is the gigi and the brush is called the furminator and promises to strip out her undercoat so much that it won't shed all over the house?

call me mental, i've already bought it.

crying now.


I'm not Craig said...

Teh First Dude is also an oil worker, commercial fisherman and champion snowmobile racer. Governor Palin is a former basketball star who was once voted "Ms Congeniality" in the Ms Alaska competition.

I don't know why I bother trying to make up funny stuff to ut on my blog. None of it is ever nearly as funny as the Republican Party manages to be without even trying.

There is no amount of money that is too much to spend on any product called "the furminator". I'm thinking of buying one right now and I don;t even own a dog.

Perseus said...

"while she was trying to flirt, and failing..."

You weren't at that party in Abbotsford where I was, were you? Because I was flirting and failing at the same place.

Send her to me!

jo_blue said...

Think of the $140 as an investment i the gigi's and your own health. Vast amounts of pet hair can lead to all sorts of health problems.
Be kind to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay that much for the dog, let alone the brush.

Mind you, if it was something for the car...

Melba said...

thanks inc and jo for furminator support. gullybogan - you just don't understand.

perseus, we were at no party. that would have been ok, there might have been music to dance to.

how serious are you re set-up? do you come to the big smoke?

Perseus said...

Once a week, which is quite often when I go on a date.

Melba said...

well perseus, she is only just now excited about a new man from an internet fix-up joint. this has happened in the last 2 days, so i can't mess with that. but we'll see how it goes. there have been a few false-starts.

let's see what happens.

[twirls moustache]