Wednesday, September 24, 2008

gone fishing

what? you think i don't fish?


gullybogan said...

i wouldn't have picked you for a fisher.

Anonymous said...

Go Catters !
Have a beaut day melba.

Ms Batville said...

Go Cats - crossing fingers for you.

jo_blue said...

No, I didn't know you fished. Go the Cats.

Perseus said...

Jesus they were shit. Ablett was robbed of the Norm Smith. He was clearly the best player out there, and Ling and Scarlett will go to sleep knowing they did their bit. The rest? Awful. Since when did they start missing kicks, slipping over, spraying set-shots?

I now hate Geelong on the grounds they let Hawthorn win... because I hate Hawthorn so much.

Mooney will get PTSD from this. Geelong Football Club will have PTSD. The entire village of Geelong will need counselling. That was so awful, I'm writing them off for the next 5 years. They won;t recover from this for a long time. They're gaaawwwwwwn.

Go Tiges.

Melba said...

well fishing was a euphemism for sitting around eating and drinking too much near the beach.

oh fuck me those geelong boys ruined what was a beautiful week.

i can't agree with you more perseus, except to say that MOONEY DESERVES PTSD and geelong won't need counselling, no way. they are fucking used to it. unfortunately.

and they're not gone, they will be back. don't hate them for being fuck ups, just understand this is the pain i was trying to talk about around the traps. geelong supporters, and their players, are LOOOOOONG SUFFERING.

poor gary, what a week. then his gramps died on the sunday, probably of a broken heart. my old man took the losers' bus back to geelong for the losers' dinner and it would have been about 20 minutes before they were saying things like "they'll be all right" and "next year".

but it was so bad. passing up the ticket to the match was the right thing to do. i was there in '95 and can't possibly risk such heartbreak again.

Anonymous said...

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