Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cold Snap Curtains

I have a project for the next couple of days. That's if I don't get called up to teach some school-children fucking ball skills. This is NOT a snickery-euphemism. Last week it was soccer skills, particularly kicking, particularly dribbling. I always get a laugh with my dribbling joke.

Me: So, today we're going to do dribbling. Hands up who knows what dribbling is IN SOCCER! I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT WHAT BABIES DO!! Hurr Hurr.

Whole class: [hysterical laughter]

My project is: I am going to make some curtains. In our bedroom we have the thinnest, gossamer sheer white bits of nothing on our windows. They are good summer curtains. In our lounge-room, we have nothing.

So today I went and spent $480 on fabric. German. Velvet. Makes you want to purr.

Not sure which sage green ours is. I think it's closest to the one on the left.

This is really a lot golder than the fabric I chose, which is much more muted. I will post pics tomorrow.

For our room it is the Sagey Green, quite faded and so fucking elegant. I asked the doddery old man who served me in the old-time store what colour the green was called. He said "With the Germans, they don't have a name, it's a number." Sent a bit of a chill down the spine, it did. I agreed, saying something about "German accuracy" or something. Anyway. For the lounge, what I call Faded Gold. I think he got the invoice wrong because he quoted me $80 per metre and I got 4 of each. That's $640! Shit. I think he made a mistake. Or maybe it was $60 metre for one of them??? Maybe he just gave me a discount.

Then I went to Spotlight and got a backing for the lining - supersonic insulated. And stuff you sew across the top that you then pull to make gathers, and also rings that you then thread through that go on the rod.

If you're wondering if I know how to make curtains the answer is no. My sewing experience is as follows:

1. hemmed a piece of silk chiffon to use as a scarf in my belly dancing days. Stuffed it up actually and kept botching it but it was useable.

2. hand-sewed a "dancing skirt" for Princess when we were in Istanbul. It had an elastic waist and it was a pathetic effort but she was happy. She danced a lot in it. She was 3.

3. I have sewn buttons back onto things.

I think that's it. Does knitting count? A few scarves and one over-sized purple jumper.

So, my mum is going to help me. We are going to make curtains. There is the Internet and a sewing how-to book mum gave Princess at Christmas. We will be fine. There will be curtains. I will post progress pics, for your entertainment.


suze2000 said...

Good luck! Then once you are done, can you come over here and make a couple for our back door (all glass) and our kitchen window which also has nothing?

It's COLD this morning isn't it? *brr*

The thing I love most about this house is the central heating. :D

davy jones overlocker said...

*coughs politely*

if you need assistance...

Perseus said...

All good colours.

I have a total ban on 'blue' in my house. Blue is for eyes, sky and the sea, and that's about it.

Blue couches, blue bedspreads, blue curtains... ugh.

Velvet curtains should be a rich, warm colour, like deep green, or burgundy, or browny-gold.

Melba said...


You're back?? Yay oh yay. I probably do need assistance. You should have seen my mum and me today. It took us ages to just cut a 150cm x 400cm piece of fabric in half. Then we had to cut the lining to that size. Of course we had rest breaks, cups of tea, lunch etc. We took our time, read something off the internet and a sewing book. I can't see your number in my phone. Not sure I ever had it. Can you pls email it to me. melba_grrrl AT yahoo.com DOT au. Because I'm so scared I'll fuck it up. Where you living darl??

Suze - it won't happen. Sorry, I can just tell you right now, these 4 curtains will fucking kill me. But if it works, you can follow my tutorial on this blog. More pics tomorrow.

And Perseus. I thought they were excellent colours too. I do have excellent taste. As for the deep burgundy/red, we have port-wine ones, ready made, hanging in the bathroom and dining room.

Update tomorrow.

squib said...

I'm so glad your mum is going to help you

Curtains are really tricky. I've heard of experienced seamstresses who have cracked up in the middle of a goblet pleat

Melba said...

Hi squib. We are not doing goblet pleats. Repeat. WE ARE NOT DOING GOBLET PLEATS. We are doing simple stuff. And please don't tell me they are hard. What I've been reading said curtains are one of the easiest projects a novice can do.


Oh well, Elaine who knows all has offered her help. I am feeling better already about that.