Monday, June 29, 2009


So last night I watched Rove. I don't think I have ever watched Rove before. The reason I watched was for the unmissable triumvirate of Bruno, Kevin Rudd and Matt Preston.

Just imagine.
Of course, they weren't all on stage at the same time, and while Rove found himself in a knitted body-suit complete with nipples and genitalia, he was spared the humiliation of having to interview the PM "like that."
Bruno was funny and outrageous.
Matt was funny and entertaining and smart.
Sandwiched in between them was a man who really is just a nerd. He's smart, sure. But it left me having to explain to Princess that you can have cool PMs (Hawke, Keating, even way back, Whitlam) but that really, they just have to be themselves. Unfortunately, KRudd coming on the heels of JHow means that we seem to have the same guy twice.
There were several irritations for me, about the interview between Rove and the PM. I wish Rove was a better interviewer; then he would have gotten something worth watching. As it was, the PM hijacked the interview, proceeded to repeat himself about the Ute Thing, came off looking like someone who was just a little gleeful about what is happening to the Opposition, over-justifying himself. It was, frankly, embarrassing to watch. But it was over soon enough and we could move on to Matt Preston. We are unashamed fans of Masterchef in general, and of Matt "Man of a Thousand Cravats" Preston and George "Plosive Diction" Calombaris in particular.
And on Bruno. I like that he's outrageous and does and says the unthinkable. But I think Borat is a better, funnier character. Something about the innocent abroad in the world is very appealing, whereas the Bruno character is more knowing, more cynical and bitchy. As he is meant to be. Alot of the laughs are in the fashions, and I think the movie won't be as subtle as Borat was. Did I just use the word subtle to describe Borat? Maybe I'm wrong there. Am revisiting tonight with Princess. She hasn't watched it, and maybe I'm making a mistake about letting her. She's pushed and pushed so I figure, let her. The worst part is the nude fight scene, right?


eat my shorts said...

I can't stand Matt Preston. At all. But I did like his line at the closing of the show.

Bruno is quite funny. I like that character. I like it better than I liked the Borat character, but I have to fess up that I've never seen the Borat movie, I don't know that I'll even see the Bruno movie and my biggest question is whether or not Sacha Baron Cohen (have I spelled that right?) will create a character whose name starts with 'B' the next time around.

It probably says something about me that I enjoyed KRudd's smugness about the whole "utegate" kerfuffle. But, yes, I totally agree that Rove was a shit interviewer for allowing him to begin rambling for as long as he did. It shits me that people expected KRudd to be entertaining, that's Rove's job, not the PM's. I mean, he's a politician after all, how entertaining can he possibly be? I think he did orright in the end.

Pepsi said...

Sometimes I think I'm the only person in Australia thats never watched Master Chef.

Rove is excellent at the David Letterman interview technique.

Esz said...

I only watched Bruno with Rove on Youtube - he is quite hilarious. I love how he encapsulates the characters he creates so well - particularly the physical part of it all. Like the movements he makes etc. He really is a chameleon.

How did Princess go with with watching Borat? The nude fight scene is pretty unbearable hehe. And the dining table scene after he returns from the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Bruno, we can all laugh at gay men again! Hurray! It's like grade three never ended...

With Borat he made it OK to laugh at stupid foreigners, and now he's given us back gay folk. What a generous guy.

I sure hope Sacha Baron Cohen's next character is a Jew, cos i miss the primary school playground simplicity of being able to laugh at those guys.

Having them back would make it the hat trick.

BookMoth said...

yes, this is all very good, masterchef et al wildly addictive...


awaiting the next instalment!

Melba said...

EMS - I have to ask. Why don't you like Matt? I love his Wildean overtones. Or undertones.

Pepsi - but Letterman is funnier. ?

Esz - Princess struggled with parts of Borat, as I'd imagined. She hid behind a cushion for much of the nude fight scene. The poo in the bag? Maybe she hid for that one as well.

gullybogan - I understand, but I think that almost anything can be funny. I don't think I'm laughing at him because he's playing a character who's gay or a stupid foreigner. It's more about the other people's reactions, and knowing that he is just setting them up big time. Aren't we laughing with him, even though I'm not sure how amused he himself is by it all. Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, anyone?

Book Moth - diarama coming soon! Prolly tomorrow.

Lewd Bob said...

Rove cannot do stand-up and he cannot interview. But for some reason, he's quite likable. And he's willing to take the piss out of other commercial tv 'personalities'. That's good for tellie.

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