Thursday, June 04, 2009

I am trying to convince my husband...

... to grow his hair at the side, re-grow his beard and wear some kind of hat, like this one.
Then all he has to do is become a musician. Oh, and learn Arabic. Oh, and become Algerian.
Then, THEN, I will have my own Rachid Taha.


Melba said...

That's a great idea, Melba.

Melba said...

I thought so too.

jo_blue said...

Really???? and who is Rachid when he's around?

Melba said...

Well, I did suggest all those things, but he won't do it. Don't know why.

Rachid Taha, musician, French-Algerian. Or Algerian-French. He's doing shows here and was in the paper a couple of days ago.

Let's just say he caught my eye.