Monday, June 22, 2009

A first, and other bits and pieces.

Last night I made pizza. I mean I MADE pizza. The dough. It worked. It was delish.

I am very pleased with myself.

In other news, we haven't bought a house. I just called several agents and left messages. I'm also going to council at lunch-time to look at the plans they have on file for this place. I have mentioned my idea of "going up"? Seems a good idea to at least explore it as an option. We could have a parental retreat at the top, another bathroom and a library. If there's one thing in the world I want, it's a library with built-in book shelves. A room of my own.

Also, curtains have not progressed. I have to do something otherwise it'll be summer and they won't be done. FUCK.

Am going to take Gigi for a walk soon. It's a lovely sunny day and the park beckons. Gigi has been unwell. She has chucked on two TWO rugs. Great, steaming heaps of spew with swollen whole discs of dried food intact. And grass. Princess told me I was mean when I said to Gigi "Don't spew up!!" But it shits me that there's wooden floor like half a foot away from where she vomitted. Grrrrrr.

I haven't done any writing for days. Maybe going for a walk will get me in the zone again. I have to have 3000 words to give to the teacher for feedback. Should they be my best 3000 words? Should they be the first 3000 words? What I really want, and what everyone in the course wants, is for the teacher to love their 3000 words so much she says "this is great, give me everything you've got. Let me read the whole thing for you." I'm not an idiot. I know we are all hoping for that. This is why I've bought her two books (stalled half-way, will I tell her that if she asks? Yes!) to see what type of stuff she writes. People write what they like to read. I think she will like my stuff. Hope. She told me a description I wrote about cleaning a fish on the spot in class was "brilliant" and "like Hemingway." That's good isn't it?

I have eight more posts here on this blog before I hit my 500th post. That will be a party, for sure.

What I am reading at the moment: a very dense book by Nancy Friday called My Mother My Self. I first read it twenty years ago or so. It reads like an auto-bio but is in fact fiction. It's interesting but I'm getting a little bogged down in the two mainly unlikeable primary characters. I have the tome The Kindly Ones or whatever it is sitting there on the floor beside my bed. I am girding my loins for that one.

Otherwise, it's the last week of term. The two girls have bought denim-look leggings recently. They are so lucky to be young and lithe enough to wear that shit. They look fab. And Princess has started dance classes again which she is very happy about. Holidays approach, and with them a Footy Club Ball and a Birthday Partay. Woo hoo. I'm also going to take Princess to see the Dali exhibition, probably with mum, which is something we've done since P was about 5. See all the major exhibitions at the NGV. It's a 3-gen female thing we do - LOVE IT. There were a couple of exhibitions a few years ago where I pushed mum around in a wheelchair, because she wasn't well from the chemo. Banging into people's legs, saying sorry all the time, I'm an awful wheelchair driver. But at least people would sometimes make way and she'd get a really good look at the paintings. We swan around, stand in front of things, making inane comments. Mum takes forever, while I like to rush through. Mum and I tussle over pointing out things to Princess, over being the one to open her eyes. Even though we both know her eyes are already so open. Also want to see a couple of movies - My Year Without Sex and Two Loves. Also pretty happy about the next Potter film coming out as well. We are also re-watching Little Britain, but this time with kids. I swear, some of it is so bad - the sleazoid going for the granny is the hardest to watch I think. We love Vickay Pollard. Did you know there's a real estate agent in Melbourne called Vicky Pollard? Enjoy the sun. Go on, get out there.


Pepsi said...

Good for you. Pizza - yum.

I'm on a visit in August to Melb for a catch ups with friends & things & I've added the Dali @ NGV to the agenda (I hope its good).

I'd recommend wait for DVD for My Year Without Sex - we didnt think it was very good at all, quite yawnfest actually which was disappointing as I enjoyed her other one. The actors are alright but with limited material & ordinary directing they cant do much.

BookMoth said...

Highly recommend the 'Superheroes and Schlemiels: Jews and Comic Art' exhibition currently showing at the Jewish Museum on Alma Rd...

Saw it yesterday and loved it. Really interesting and pop-culturey. Good one for grown-ups and kids.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need for a room of one's own, but why do the bookshelves need to be built in?

You might like this tumblr:

You'll never guess what it's about.

[PS i hope that between me recommending it and you visiting it that they don't suddenly swap to posting nothing but close-ups of BJs, the way most tumblrs seem to do...]

Melba said...

Thanks Pepsi, will take your recommendation to wait. BookMoth - I read about that exhibition. It's very near us, so maybe we'll wander up next week. Sounds cool. Gullybogan - I had no idea tumblrs even existed. Thanks for that. Let me explain what it is about built-in bookshelves:

actually I can't put it here. Will blog it.

Anonymous said...

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