Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The reason why I want built-in book shelves

Some people might find a wall or two of books oppressive. Not me, nuh-uh, no way Jose. While I'm not sure about the other features in this room above, I like a huge wall of white book shelves. Built in.

But you can't move them, you may say. You are stuck with them, you may add.

Exactly. A permanent house for my books. They have been moved around and stored too much. Like me, they are tired, and need a proper spot. I need a room to call my own; they need a shelf to call their own.

In other news, I just went to see Disgrace. Go see it, you must. Malkovich is somehow less Malkovich than usual, and less insufferable than he was in Burn After Reading (even though I enjoyed that movie and saw it twice. He was very Malkovich in it. A little too much, perhaps.)


Esz said...

A room full of books is a dream for me too :-D

I've moved that many times now and sometimes people say "Why don't you get rid of your books?"

Blasphemy! A book is a treasure - If I've gone to the effort to buy it, I certainly would never sell it again! Pah!

squib said...

Yes! With a ladder on wheels

I just saw Changling on dvd. Very sad and disturbing

Pepsi said...

A room to properly display my books would be delicious. I have some beautiful books, made with love and care - the content is divine but so is the detail gone into putting some of them together.

The quality / care of the books in someones possession often determines whether a friendship is formed or not for me, that and their music collection.

I hope you get you built in book shelves soon.

Melba said...

I swear, once I get my built-in bookshelves, I shall host a party. It will be a book-swap party and everyone who comes has to bring an item or three to swap.

Actually, that won't work will it. Unless I have a double copy of something, I NEVER get rid of my books.

I'll think of something else.

squib - was the angelina jolie one? I saw it, it was pretty good. Yes, sad.

pepsi - I know. Looking at a person's bookshelf is very revealing.

Anonymous said...

I'd swear the bookshelves in the pic are Ikea Billy units. Which is what we have here in the Studio.

It takes up a whole wall, this installation, and we're very happy with it.

The books seem happy, too.

eat my shorts said...

Word on the built-in book shelves, Melba.

My books are currently housed in very rickety shelves that were so cheap I'm fairly sure the whole thing is going to fall on top of me one day soon and suffocate me.

Hmmm. Death by books. Could be worse.

Melba said...

It'd be a good way to go. Better than choking on a... pin. Or ham sandwich.

eat my shorts said...

On the toilet.

There's a bad place to cark it.