Tuesday, July 21, 2009

500th post - extendo version

Gee, it seems an age since I started blogging. I have to say, I do put less into it now than I did then. Back then, sometimes I even drafted my posts, spell-checked and everything. I would spend hours putting stuff together, looking for pictures, putting a lot of thought into what I was writing.

Now, it's become more of an online journal rather than an online "let me tell you what I think about everything in the world."

My life has changed a bit over the course of 500 posts, since that first post on a Wednesday in June, 2005. I got engaged, got married, created a blended family with my man Clokes. Made him start blogging - he had two going at one stage: Capeman and Clokeeeeeey. The name Capeman was inspired by him having a Ferrari party for his birthday and wearing a Ferrari flag as a cape. Clokeeeeey is all about Collingwood football playing David (is it David?) Cloke.

Princess has grown up; from a wonderfully assertive and precociously bright seven-year old to a wonderfully assertive and precociously bright almost-13-year old.

In that time we have moved house three times. From St Kilda to Caulfield South, from Caulfield South to Bentleigh and from Bentleigh back to St Kilda (via 3 months overseas.)

In that time I've completed my postgraduate diploma and gotten a Master. Remember those days? I think that was my blogging apex when the frenzy was most dedicated. Work avoidance is always a huge motivator to blog for me.

I've started publishing my bad '80s diaries here as well. What started as laziness (ie it was all there pre-written, I didn't have to think about what to write) has turned into a little bit of sunshine for some readers, and for me, quite a cathartic endeavour. I read somewhere that Helen Garner burned all her diaries. I don't know if I could bring myself to do that, but if I ever do, it'll be knowing that they still exist on another plane.

Also in that time my mother had a full remission from cancer. It was a happy day. The happiest of days, because she had been working so hard at getting well for 7 years. That day I wrote about the news on my blog and all the comments that people made were so heart-warming and loving. I printed them all out and gave her a hard copy. I just had to share with her what these kind-hearted "strangers" had written.

And that brings me to these "strangers."

I have met some wonderful souls through blogging. For me, someone who is shit at small-talk face-to-face but pretty good at blathering on with words, it had been a truly satisfying way of connecting with people. I have had my spats - there was a guy called Mike who was into bikes. I got into a fight with him over comments he made about Jewish people - that was it. End of acquaintance. And again, a guy called Jaded DJ. We got into a spat as well, but I can't remember what that was about. Maybe it was a case of an argument that was unnecessary? Anyway. Water under the bridge. I got involved in a bit of a bitchy thing against Steph at Ms Fits' blog, which I wasn't proud of. She was good-natured about it and we kissed and made up and there were no hard feelings and when she shut down her blog she said some very lovely things about me. She was the bigger person in that exchange, and I - I was just carried along with the pack. It made me realise something about myself, about human nature.

Steph is one of the people I miss. I also miss Fits. I miss I'm Not Craig, even though he be still around a little, and we have met and shall meet again so I don't mourn him in the way I do others. I miss Fluffy big time, I miss Rowena (she's not completely gone, but not blogging anymore.) I miss BEVIS, even though he's twittering, so I still get a bit of him. D-Stah is still around a bit, on Facebook, and she is one blogger I loved and met, she is great. I miss LadyCracker. I miss SUBLIME but she is still around a bit. Pomgirl went back to Engerlund, she was nice. And Krankiboy, he's very sporadic so I don't check his blog much. (Actually, looks like he might be back. He's started writing again. Oh happy days. Now for a return of the Wizard!)

Another fight I had was with Cotton, a precious candy-boy. And Roguemaze was good while he lasted, but he's off being a movie star.

Possibly one of the people I miss most is Gianluca di Milano.

As for where I read now, I thought I'd list my blogroll. It's not complete, but these are the places I go for a browse most days. It's the best way I can think of acknowledging my current Blogworld affections; my daily toe-tip into bloggy goodness.

Another Outspoken Female







Pirate Elaine



Super Kawaii Mama - fashion blog

Tokyo Undressed Be warned, NSFW.


squib - she's stopped her blog which is a bugger because I'd just found her really.

Lisa D-Cup - an American blogger who is married with three kids and lives - I think - in Georgia. She and her husband have been through hard times. With the recent financial shit in the States they went bankrupt, lost their house and car etc. Hard times. But she has a fantastic spirit, great sense of humour, she pulls no punches (what does that mean, anyway?), she is direct and raw about all things in life, and she is very inspiring. If you've had a hard day, go and read her archives. And she is never, NEVER woe-is-me. Tough gal.

Living and Teaching in Malaysia - this is my good friend Jo, a friend from way back in real life. Her blog is private so I'm not linking. She is another tough cookie, doing her best for herself and her kids. I really admire Jo, she is all about working out herself and life and not shying away from it. Her blog is open and honest and I think she is the bees' knees.

[mystery site] - this is my number one love-spot. This has been like my secret lover and I haven't wanted to share them with anyone, so I haven't linked them. It has ironically replaced RYWHM in my heart, ironic because the demise of RYWHM and TSSH (a blog I visited occasionally but never commented on, it was too scary) occurred simultaneously/connectedly in ways that remain quite mysterious to me, and kind of sinister. And my dirty little secret is that I think I like it even better than RYWHM. It's remained fresh and interesting and varied and sycophant-free. Unless I'm the suck. Probably. Most of the characters from there have no personal blogs themselves which is just as well otherwise I would never get off this fucking machine. For real.

Over the next little while, I'm going to redux some of my favourite posts. Along with diaries, of course.


elaine said...

Oh lord, I remember mikey.

yes, he lived in BALACLAVA andw rote that post about how Saturday night at the supermarket was full of bad jewish people and how much it sucked. That was the end of my acquaintance too.

But I think WE bonded over that. Gosh that was AEONS ago, internet time.

You know who else I miss? Locket. Though she's around on facebook. It's just not the same though.

anyway, lovely. CONGRATULATIONS on the 500 mark. May there be another 500 to come.


Pepsi said...

Well done on your 500th - long and short version.

Its always a pleasure stopping by here.

(I seem to be following DJO this morning, 60%, was it the bowtie?)

squib said...

*pours a wee nip of Laphroaig for Melba*

Here's to 500 posts and another 500 more

squib said...

ps. oh, and here's to getting those curtains to look like curtains

elaine said...

Hi pepsi,

I really wanted the new doctor 100% of the time but I know Richard does love him so and I couldn't give up an entire 50%.

I quite fancy the bow tie. Wrong, huh?

groverjones said...

Happy Birthday! I don't know if I've ever done 500 of anything, certainly not blog posts as I'm sure you're aware.

I refrained from commenting on the coq. Dare you to try the gruyere/emmental souffles that Gabriel whipped up the other night at your next Tour party!

Pepsi said...

DJO, I'm Ned too, so it sort of doesnt quite make sense if you dont know about that but you did so well done you.

Bow tie and suspenders, matching !!

I still think he needs a vegetable.

He's not making me fly right yet, though I cant get over how stunningly beautiful that girls face is, I wonder if she can act?

I miss listening to Richard - I could stream beautifully up till 3 months ago when it just stopped, I've had the boffins around and they cant work out why either, bugger.

Melba said...

There's a conversation going on in this thread that I cannot fathom.

Elaine and Pepsi, are you two talking about Dr Who?

I'm just not getting you. But carry on.

GS said...

congrats on hitting 500 :)

Oh you've made me all nostalgic - DJ got his wife preggers and dropped off the blogosphere. Ms Fitx went onto bigger and better things (tho she does pop up on twitter and I managed to offend her yesterday about my confusing Matt Prestons happy food face with the same one a baby gets before it projectile vomits).

Want to know who I miss? Greg the boyfriend. Talk about watching a train crash. But a glorious intoxicating wreck at that. Gone.

I though Sub had stopped blogging, what a treat to find she is still there, kind of.

I found that a gazillion more people read posts about food than politics and things that really matter...sad I know, so I post as food nazi more than the ranter I was.

Oh for the halcyon days of blogging *sigh* :)

Perseus said...

I don't know what they're talking about either. I was guessing Dr. Who, but... I'm not sure.

Congratulations! Though by the sounds of it I came in late and missed all the fireworks. I like meeting anti-semites, if you know what I mean.

Still, I get the diaries, and for that, I'm grateful.

Pepsi said...

Sorry - I bumped into DJO on someone elses blog.

Chatting was about the new Doctor, filming started on Monday.


Back to the diaries - its going to end in tears with Patrick soon and I'm dying to find out all the details.

Cinema Minima said...

I guess that makes you a blogging 'stalwart' though that sounds a bit harsh. Congrats on 500 posts.

Melba said...

Thanks everyone.

Thanks for reading and making it such a special place to be every day.

phoenixmummy said...

Thanks Melba, for introducing me to blogging and for your wonderfully interesting, eye-opening blog. It's always a great read and manages to pull me out from whatever dark spot I happen to be in.

Love it. Love you.


Ramon Insertnamehere said...

Happy 500th birthday.

Sorry I'm late but as I have observed elsewhere, I'm a lazy, lazy man.

A mystery blog eh? How intriguing

Pomgirl said...

Congrats on the 500th post, really hope there will be 500 more. I now feel all nostalgic for those first couple of years of blogging. I always thought you Melbourne bloggers were scarily cool and I was happy to admire you from afar. (And now from even further away).

I miss Rowena, Bevis and Ms Fits.


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