Monday, July 20, 2009

curtain update, plus TOUR dinner

SO, this morning I thought I was on the home stretch, but no. I managed to fuck up the curtains. Not badly, mind you. But I was sewing the tape across the top (which has threads which you pull to make the curtain gather) and I stupidly pulled one end without sewing off the other end. There was a reason for this: I had bent a needle on the very thick part of the curtain where there are several layers of lining and fabric, so I just wanted to make sure the needle was performing properly before I did that maneuver again.


Anyway, I went onto the other curtain, to finish, and with THAT one, the pulling thread snapped after I'd pulled them and tied them off. Grrrr.

So a little behind, I thought they'd be finished this morning. But I have to unpick the rooted tape and buy more and sew it on and blah de blah.


Saturday night. I couldn't go to the birthday party of my equal first favourite poet-blogger because like last year, we had our Tour de France meal planned. We drank French champagne (really, I can't taste the difference), French onion soup, I made coq au vin which was very nice, accompanied with rich buttery mash and green broad beans and a French burgundy, then we had Poires Au Savon (or something) which were baked pears with cream, vanilla and something else. I only cooked the coq. We watched some bikes but it wasn't a very interesting stage. Oh well. Then yesterday we took the dogs and children to the river at Yarra Bend for a run and the sunshine was glorious. Back home early yesterday and had left-over coq on steamed rice, while watching Friday night's taped Masterchef, and then the final.


My shoulder is bothering me still. Has been for ages. I'm going for an ultrasound on Wednesday. Physio hasn't helped as I'd thought it would, plus it's been well more than a year that I've had this bung shoulder/arm thing happening. I hope it's nothing bad.


davy jones overlocker said...

what an absolute bugger about the curtain tape.

would it be easier to buy some sturdy string/cord and thread it through rather than unpick? I can't remember exactly how the tape looks so I don't know.

I just hate unpicking.

Also: I love eating some good coq.

jo_blue said...

Good luck with the curtains. I'd rather just have them made. I made curtains with ex once and hated every minute of it.

I too love eating good coq.


eat my shorts said...

Goodgoddamn! I was going to say I love a good coq, but was pipped at the post!

Missed it by *that* much!

Melba said...

You can still say it, EMS. Every one else has. I think everyone who comments on this thread MUST actually say it.

Perseus said...

There's some coq at my house if anyone's interested.

Melba said...

Perseus, you know EMS, and I'd like to introduce you to Jo (whose in Malaysia) and Pirate Elaine (who's a little closer).

[stands back and watches]