Friday, October 26, 2012

Books to buy

I would like the following:

1. Salman Rushdie's new memoir Joseph Anton, about his time during the fatwa (has it finished even?) (for interest)

2. The Lighthouse by Alison Moore (shortlisted for the recent Man Booker) Apparently it's fab.

3. Sixty Lights by Gail Jones (for pleasure)

4. The Idea of Perfection by Kate Grenville (for pleasure)

5. The Meaning of Grace by Deborah Foster (for 'research')

6. Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany (ditto)

7. The Jesus Man by Christos Tsiolkas (ditto)


Melba said...

OK well I got the lighthouse one. Also Lola Bensky (on another list) and a few others.


Melba said...

Got Sixty Lights now too. And The Idea of Perfection. I've been Terrible Muriel this week with books. Readings loves me, though. They should.

Melba said...

Love the way I'm talking to myself.

La di da, as Annie Hall says.