Saturday, October 06, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom. Again.

I went to see it again. I want to take back what I said about the adult actors being pushed to the background. They aren't, they have more screen time than I remembered but still the focus is on the two children and their story and rightly so.

Fucking brilliant movie and I'm especially pleased the three teenage girls I took all loved it too.

Next is another floody movie - Beasts of the Southern Wild which I'm expecting to be wonderful as well. Now I'm worried that it will push Moonrise out of my head, when really I'd like it to linger and ripen a little more. Maybe I'll leave it a week.

In other movie news, I was to see Mental with my mother this coming week sometime but I don't want to now. It looks trite and could so easily be a bad movie (this feeling isn't helped by a review I read today. Where Moonrise got 4.5 stars and Beasts 5, Mental was given 1.

I'm going to tell my mother I don't want to see Mental.


Anonymous said...

Do leave it another week or so, because after a few weeks I still can't get Beasts out of my mind!

Melba said...

Hmm thank you for that advice, I will take it.

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