Saturday, October 27, 2012

Plus a couple more

I forgot to include Lily Brett's new book Lola Bensky. Also a couple I read about in the papers today: The Inheritance of Ivorie Hammer by Edwina Preston; Red Dirt Talking by Jacqueline Wright and The Darkest Little Room by Patrick Holland. Not because the last three are necessarily my usual cup of tea (Brett most definitely IS) but because they are either debut novels, and/or from independent publishing houses, and/or have unusual narrative structures.

I'm hoping to have some exciting writerly news that I can share soon.

Will put on here once it's all systems go.


plumeofwords said...

Have you read Holland's The Mary Smokes Boys? I thought that was pretty powerful, will be interesting to see what his latest is like..

Melba said...

Hi Plume, haven't read that one. Will make a note.

I have notes all over the place.