Saturday, October 13, 2012

Destroy the Joint

I'm one of the 18K+ followers (or facebook 'likers') of Destroy the Joint, a bunch of people who didn't like that Alan Jones said that women were 'destroying the joint.' (And didn't like a lot of other stuff he's said, too.)

Destroy the Joint have a facebook page, and recently asked followers' permission to make a montage of profile pics and this is the result. I found my face pretty quickly; I think it looks pretty and it represents people who want to stand up and say it's not on. Click on image to make it bigger. Look at the pretty colours. The waves of people power. The faces, some real, some avatar'y, of people who say 'enough'.
This is the kind of activism I like - don't need to go out into Melbourne with placards. It's good for lazy, apathetic people comme moi. Imagine if new ways of activism - like this - managed to capture all the lazy, apathetic people into one huge, rolling Indiana-Jones-ball of protest. Love it.

Couple more montages done, now there are 1800+ people who've given permission to be included:

and this one too:



Anonymous said...

On Alan Jones specifically: As far as I can see, about the only effective way to protest non-government entities these days is to find a way to hit them in the hip pocket (politicians have to be voted out). And I can see how something like this might actually be more affective in that regard than an old school street rally. Observing a "hit-list" of products to avoid isn't such a monumental task, even for the laziest amongst us. The trick will be in keeping a critical mass of people interested in the long term, so that it's not just a passing storm he has to ride out. This sort of fun and/or inspirational stuff might go some way towards doing that. Maybe not. But count me in.

sarah toa said...

Me too ...
In the down south styx we don't have to listen to Jones, even by accident. In fact, I don't know anyone who has managed to pick up that station around here without a shortwave radio. But because his f*ck ups reach us so often via the mainstream news, we can't avoid him! Goes to show how the jocks can infiltrate ...

Melba, thanks for putting me on your sidebar. Most honoured.
And 'Hi' from W.A.

Melba said...

Hi Alex, the whole Jones thing is interesting. I am going to post a pic that nails the thing in one image.

Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting. Yes, in Melbourne we don't get his program thankfully but the fall-out is nation-wide. Re the sidebar, you're welcome. I had a blogroll years ago then got rid of it and rejigged this blog. Am now building it again but with writing/reading focus.

Melba said...


Just sayin'