Wednesday, February 06, 2013

All is well

Hello. I thought while we waited for more news I would talk about television.

We started watching MasterChef Professionals and really, after the first episode I only watched for Clokes. He likes to have something to watch with me and because we are up to date with Game of Thrones, and our other shows aren't back on yet (Australian Idol, the real Masterchef, Big Brother, I know, I know, how DÉCLASSÉ), I sat through another couple of episodes.

But enough. No more MChef Prof and probably no more Masterchef period. I think I'll give Idol a miss too as it waned for me last time (no Nut Man made it an empty viewing experience) but I will defo watch BB again. I seriously missed it when it stopped, I missed the people, especially this fucking hunk of fucking spunk (sorry):

It had been a while since I had such a crush. It wasn't romantic, not really. It was more I coveted his hair, I loved his [carefully crafted?] unselfconscious demeanour, his humour. I loved the way he said he'd always had trouble getting girls, never getting the girl he liked, how he struggled socially, yet there he was, with millions of us loving him/wanting to get into his pants/be his friend, as well as everyone on the show loving him/wanting to get into his pants/be his friend. He would parade his chubby white body around the place, wearing funny jogging shorts, no top (like evah), thick, white tennis headbands. It was a form of extremely endearing peacocking (see The Game: Neil Strauss) and there is something about a non-conventional person peacocking and either truly not giving a fuck or being very good at the appearance of not giving a fuck.

There will never be another Michael.

Princess and I have started new season of True Blood but we are both disappointed. It's been quite crushing really, so much so that we haven't really talked about it. We got about three episodes in, and I said 'I don't think I'll watch any more but you go ahead' and I think she was so disappointed that I'd bailed, but also feeling it too (or not feeling it.) So it's like something that's between us that's unspoken - eventually I guess we'll get it out, dust it off and talk about it. We finished new season of Dexter and again, while we finished it, every episode she was saying 'It's not the same, he's not the same Dexter. He's not doing his rituals, he's not following his code. He's not doing the kill room and the photos and THEY'RE NOT NAKED ANY MORE! And he's getting involved with her. It's not right, mum!' and I'd say 'Well, it's season (7, 8 can't remember, whatever the most recent is) and they're going to finish it, I can feel it. he's the main protagonist, he has to transform and develop as a character, he HAS to. Even if he is a serial killer,' and she'd go 'I know, but I miss the old Dexter, remember the inner-voice narration he'd do? And the humour?? THERE'S NO HUMOUR ANY MORE' and I'd say 'calm down, darling. I know you're disappointed but it's just what they have to do,' and she'd say 'Well I don't like it. I'm going to watch Season 2 again. It's my favourite season' and I'd say 'okay darling, I'm going to do some work.'

Princess and I are watching GIRLS. We watched the first season over a couple of days. They're only half hour eps and you just blink and they're finished. LOVED IT. Now we get each episode per week and it's almost not worth it because you just haven't got that momentum. We love momentum, the kind that you get after three hours on our red velvet couch. It's a special type. But yeah. GIRLS is good.

So, guess what we are doing, during our GIRLS-free time, our MChef Professionals-free time.

We are watching Seinfeld. Again. From the beginning. And you know, there's nothing like it. I laugh out loud every episode, more than once. It's fucking brilliant tv and just like there'll never be another BB Michael, there'll never be another Seinfeld either, and that's fine because we've still got it and can watch whenever we like. I'll be 80 and watching Seinfeld again. From the beginning.

PS I probably should tell you, all signed up with the agent, all full steam ahead. Will bring news when I can.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about momentum. I much prefer to watch shows in marathon sessions. Which is probably part of the reason why I watch so few shows these days. Still meaning to sit down and watch the last few episodes in the second season of Game Of Thrones. Never started on Dexter, even though I've got about five seasons sitting here somewhere (although, it sounds like the writing has become very ham-fisted in later seasons). At least with a movie, you only need a couple of hours and you're done.

The worst experience I've had is with Berserk, that Japanese comic I read. It was great when I first discovered it, and there was about two hundred chapters to plough through. Now I'm lucky if a new chapter comes out every couple of months, and it actually makes the story quite difficult to follow. Even worse, I think, are the comic writers who publish their work on the web a page at a time. It's like trying to follow a weekly show with twenty minute episodes by watching three minutes every day.

I can see why Princess would be dirty on you for bailing on True Blood. Not that I know anything about True Blood, but, like, just if it was something you were watching together; especially if you were a few seasons in. Have you ever tried riffing? Maybe that would help make things more fun when the shows you watch together hit rough patches. It's definitely not for everyone, but I'm kinda picky when it comes to comedy, and I often find I get more laughs from watching bad movies/shows that are unintentionally funny than stuff with proper jokes. I also have a couple of mates who are into it (one is the bloke from the picture theatre) and one of them is very funny (the other one) -- much more so than I -- but I think it's usually fun, even when the jokes fall flat.

Here are professional examples:
A Date With Your Family
Dating Dos And Don'ts
Young Man's Fancy
Body Care And Grooming
What To Do On A Date
Are You Ready For Marriage?
Once Upon A Honeymoon.
(Yeah, I favour the old social instruction shorts.)

Melba said...

Yes, for us momentum is good cause we like to spend hours on the couch. That sounds worse than it is. Maybe. Game of Thrones, me and Clokes kind of went off it only about three eps from the end of Season 1. Princess never really got into it, she was so funny about the lack of authenticity with costumes and hair and sets. I think we had a discussion about that on here a few months back, about the stylised sets esp the ones with the blonde girl and her brother and horse-men.

Then we picked it up again, me and Clokes watched from the beginning of Season 1, then it got really good the last few eps, and I told Princess how good it was, filled her in and then we all watched Season 2. For some reason P was able to accept the fantasy part of it, that it's not an historically accurate thing (she's very big on historical accuracy when it comes to hair and costumes, but she's relaxing a bit about it now.) So we loved it, you must get back to it. I started reading the first book - Clokes gave me the entire set Christmas before last, I think we also talked about that here, but I never read any of it. Now I know the story and CHs a bit more, it's easier to read.

About True Blood I think it's because P loves Eric more than I do, and I can not watch it whereas she wants to watch it with me cause it's not the same on her own. I get it too, it's just priority conflict, but we'll get back to it.

Dexter seems to be winding down, it's not as good and I expect the next season to be the last one. They've done it pretty well.

Will have a look at the riffing links and come back. Thanks for recommending them.

suze2000 said...

Watched the first ep of GIRLS. Hated it. Watched the second ep and was meh. Remembered you raving about it and persisted and I think it was the fourth ep where I was YAY! And now I'm looking forward to watching the rest.

Which season of True Blood are you watching? Anything with naked Eric will always get my vote. ;)

We stopped watching Dexter after the wife was killed off. We just completely lost interest. I'm not sure if we'll ever try again.

Melba said...

Hi Suze, I was hooked on GIRLS since the first episode but I can see why some people would find it difficult to watch.

True Blood - we are up to Season 5, watched about three eps and then I went off it. No naked Eric at all which is probably part of the problem. We will finish the season once we get around to it. My daughter wants to.

Dexter, I was glad when the wife was killed off, she was so annoying. The season after that, though, wasn't that great, then it got a bit good again, and then sort of not again. I think you've seen the best of it for sure.