Friday, February 08, 2013

Blog update

I have just worked out how to get my 'older posts' button at the bottom of the page, had to insert some code but SOMEHOW in the process, I've managed to make everything centrally justified.

I can't stand it. I'm sure my labels down the RHS were left justified. Am I going crazy?

I think part of the problem is I'm still using the 'classic template' cause I was too chicken to do the changeover to the new way. That's me in a nutshell, too scared of the New Way.

If any bright sparks can help me I'd appreciate it (Alex, we both know that's you.) It's not crucial and maybe it will just go back to normal tomorrow, because I know these things we call machines are actually alive and have their own fucking wills.

Don't get me wrong. I am very happy about the 'older posts' button. It was gone for yonks.



Melba said...

I remembered putting an extra divider tag into the HTML code and I just took it out: sizing correct, all my sidebar content left justified.


Interestingly, as I was googling around trying to find self help, I saw a lot of commentary by people who upgraded to the new blogger and don't like it. How they miss the old blogger, also how-to's on how to revert to old blogger.

I've also exported my blog to my hard drive for backup and will put onto an external hard drive. So I am checking things off my list all over the place.

Melba said...

Now all I need to do is work out how to get the blogger icon top left of the page (where it used to be, where it appears in Explorer but not my default browser of Firefox) so that I can sign in to blogger without having to go into the comment box to click on the icon and sign in.

Also whenever I say Firefox I want to write Firefox Five.

Alex said...

Ah right, well, I guess that makes me redundant then.

I'd already looked at the code and was working on a little mini tutorial thing for helping you sort things out.

Here are a couple of screenshots I took with Firefox's built in HTML inspector:
center text-align
left text-align
Notice how in the first one, the sidebar is inheriting the center text-align property from the body of the document, and in the second, it has its own text-alignment property set to left.

In any case, well done you.

Alex said...

I'm using Firefox, and I see a Blogger symbol in the top-left of your page.

... so, dunno about that one.

Melba said...

Thanks Alex sorry to make you feel redundant. You're not! I used to have the blogger symbol top left, and when I open it in Explorer, it's there (like it used to be)it's there next to a 'search' function (for the blog not the whole of blogger) and both features have disappeared. I could always use IE but for some reason I like Firefox Five. Maybe because I can say: Firefox Five.

Alex said...

Here is a picture I just took from my Firefox. Perhaps you need to clear your cache. Here is the Firefox support page telling you how.

Firefox (force five) is great. I use it every day. And despite the fact that people grumble (understandably) about Mozilla's focus and priorities (and memory consumption), I think it's one of the jewels in the crown of free software.

Alex said...

Actually, from an end-user perspective, I think Opera is probably a nicer browser, lots of bells and whistles, but it's not open-source, so there's less to tinker with if you're a serious tinkerer.

Chrome is fast, rarely crashes, has a built-in PDF reader and is made by Google, so it's designed with Google products (like Blogger) in mind. But I dunno. Sometimes I just feel like there's too much Google in my life already.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Good on you. I'm still with old blogger cos I'd loose the drop down recipe menu in my foodblog and it's too much work to replicate.

Can you email me the code so I can add 'older posts' to mine?

Melba said...

Ok weird Alex, let me try and 'clear my cache' thanks for instructions.

AOF will email you the code and we need to organise our get together, for lo it is February! (now I just gotta find your email address... if I struggle will message you on the facebook)

Melba said...

Well I cleared my cache but it didn't work (didn't hurt either.) Any other suggestions?

Alex said...

Is there any difference between how the page looks when you're signed into your account vs when you're signed out?

Also, what version of Firefox are you running? It should be under "Help -> About Firefox" or something like that.

Alex said...

AOF, or anyone else, do you see the search bar at the top?

Melba said...

Firefox Five is up to date, mission control: it's at 18.0.2'er.

Nope, same when signed in or out. Don't spend too much time on it, I've been managing for months, I just go into the comment field and click on the symbol there...

Thanks Alex. Say, how are things up north?

Alex said...

Actually, pretty good, now that you mention it. I've had my place back for, I dunno, about a week now, I guess. My folks made it home to find the water hadn't done any damage to their place, which was ace (other parts of town weren't so lucky).

I've started working out again every evening. It sounds like a wanky, cliche thing to say, but it's amazing how much better I feel for it. Seriously, sleep like a log and bounce out of bed in the morning. If you don't exercise at all (a lot of people don't (I didn't for a good while)) I recommend you give it a shot (getting started is the hardest bit).

The weather has been my favourite. Sleep without a sheet, shirt optional, fan occasionally but no need for air-con.

And work has been pleasant and not too hectic. Going to see Django tomorrow.

I'd ask you how things are there, but I read your blog, so I guess I already know about as much as you're going to tell me. But on the off chance, how's things there?

Alex said...

So I looked on Blogger's help pages and found this about the navbar. It says that one thing that can make the navbar disappear is reading a blog through a "dynamic view", which is talked about here.

Apart from that, I don't think I can help. I'm definitely seeing it here, no matter what I do.

Alex said...

New burst of inspiration regarding the Blogger navbar dilemma. This page here explains how to make and run a new Firefox profile; it's a bit like having a completely fresh install of Firefox, only all you stuff and settings are safe in your old profile and you can delete the new profile when you're finished with it.

Anyway, if you ran a fresh profile and the navbar showed up, that'd show that the problem is a configuration thing and not a browser thing.

Melba said...

I'll have a look at this tomorrow. Thanks.