Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quick update

About to go out for dinner with my writing group and we have two new members which is a bit exciting.

BUT in the meantime, here are some stats:

1. [removed material] which means people won't be able to follow the comments. Oh well.

2. Just worked out how to look at my WOS stats. There has been a mighty upward swing in page views:

March - 1693
April - 1531
May - 1597
June - 1215
July - 1412
Aug - 1854
Sept - 2799
Oct - 5444
Nov - 5443
Dec - 6842

Jan - 7342
Feb - 10,582


3. I now have a daughter who has her Learner's Permit. So we are going to start driving on the weekend. This isn't really a stat. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Congrats once again; but NINE blades*? Was there a second asterisk and explanation missing from that post, or am I reading it wrong? Or is this another trivia thing? Or a reference I'm too out of the loop to get?

Also just wanted to add: I did a lot of stupid and dangerous things in and around cars when I was younger (pretty sure I mentioned that I was even run over once (was very lucky with that one)). I dunno how long kids have their learners for in VIC these day, and from what I hear, I gather Princess has a pretty good head on her shoulders; but I just hope she understands how much of a slippery slope that old peer pressure can be, and how much even a little bit of grog can throw off your judgement and common sense.

Alright, I'll stop being preachy and pretending I know word one about parenting and shit now. Congrats again.

Melba said...

YES, asterisk missing. It's another movie trivia thing, I just seem to have quotations in my head all the time these days. It's from Life of Brian, the apostles are apostling in the laneway when Brian falls out of the high-up window and lands and has to start apostling.

Thanks for your words of wisdom. I also did a lot of stupid things around cars when I was younger so she will be taught well but when it comes down to it, I can't be with her always. Luckily she's the type who distinguishes herself by being oppositional rather than following, and her type of rebellion seems to be against her peer group in many ways, which is probably the most radical form of rebellion. She doesn't need to rebel against me maybe? We are starting driving this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear. I think too that maybe this is one area where mobile phones really are a good thing. At least if she gets in a situation where the only options are either get in a car with a drunk driver or walk twenty miles, she can call home or a taxi or something.

I've got Life of Brian on DVD and I've seen the movie loads of times, but I doubt I was ever going to get that one. I do remember the scene though. If you'd talked about a friend losing his friend's hammer and the young not knowing where their father's things are that were put there the night before, I definitely woulda got that.

How was tea? Everything good with your writer chums?

Melba said...

That's the other quotation, Alex, the one about how he lost his father's hammer, and his father's father's hammer, that he'd only put there just the night before, with a raffia-work base. That has an attachment. This is credited as the Boring Prophet and he comes in, with his droning voice, after the blades one.

The meeting and then dinner was good. All good. New people good, really really nice and with lots to contribute. So yes. Yay.

I'm just going to edit some of the original post. SO don't think you're going crazy if things look different. Not that I expect you to be looking at my posts *that* much.