Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doing it wrong my whole life


This is seriously the most mind-blowing moment I think I've ever experienced. I just can't believe it. I'm sure everyone has been doing it wrong.


Mr E said...

the most mind-blowing moment I think I've ever experienced

You really need to get out more!

squib said...

This must be a mistake. What about those bobby pins you get that are slightly curved? How come the bumpy bit is on the outside prong?

magical_m said...

*channels Elaine from Seinfeld*



Really? I've been doing it wrong all these years?

Mind-blowing indeed. I'm going to test it out immediately.


Anonymous said...

Please get back to us with your findings M&M.

This must be a mistake. What about those bobby pins you get that are slightly curved? How come the bumpy bit is on the outside prong?

I guess even the people who make bobby pins don't know which way they're supposed to go.

To be honest, I've had short hair for so long now (a decade? Longer?), I can't recall what I used to do. probably one of those things I committed to muscle memory so my brain didn't have to remember.

sarah toa said...

What about the only hairpins I possess: the ones with fake roses glue-gunned to the bumpy side?
Oh no!

magical_m said...

Well, my findings reveal that after YEARS of having my hair fall out every time I pinned it up (despite lacquering it with bucketloads of hairspray), it turns out that yes, all I needed to do was (pardon the swearing here, but I'm vexed) TURN THE MOTHERF***ING BOBBY PINS UPSIDE DOWN.

Mind. Truly. Blown.

Anonymous said...

Astounding! Nice work M&M.

pardon the swearing

I'll defer to Melbs for an official ruling, but I doubt any cunt here'll lose too much fuckin' sleep over it, ay.

Melba said...

Firstly, Mr E, I'm a 'writer' and we don't 'get out more.' Also, I'm sorry you've been reduced to having to come here for your blog entertainment (and be *involved* with *girly chat* about hair products). Let's hope Ramon gets back on board with the pithy, intellectually-stimulating political/poetic material. Unless of course you like it here.

As for the bobby pins, I am at the moment sitting here with a faux-bob (using about 8 pins) and like M_M said (hey! hello! what happened to our coffee?), they are all still in place. Haven't shifted or fallen out in two hours.

Long-time readers will know that I have industrial strength hair that breaks/confounds/overpowers any type of accoutrement you can throw at it.

I am speechless, about this. I am without speech. It is truly amazing and I can't believe none of us knew it.

Alex - this is a sweary zone, people can swear or asteriskise as they prefer. It's an individual thing.

And Sarah, as Alex said, seems like even the manufacturers may not know what the hell they're doing.

little hat said...

Exciting to learn something new - even for blokes. It's definitely a curly girly thing cos even in my twenties when I had hair down my hippie back I never resorted to hair pins. Hell, I never even washed my hair very often.

squib said...

I have tried the curved bobby pins the 'wrong' way and can confirm they sit tighter than ever. I am truly astounded

Melba said...

Everyone is amazed in our house too!

magical_m said...

Lordy, yes! Coffee! Eeek! I'll email you and we'll sort out a date asap! We'll have to both wear our hair up! xx