Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Anna Karenin

Back on track now with some quality reading.

It is the top shelf stuff.
I think I fill in the gaps with crap so then I can really appreciate the beauty.
That's my theory anyway.
What did Tolstoy read I wonder?


Cath said...

Funny Melba, I was at Borders the other day and they had 20% off some books on display... and I came home with Anna and War and Peace. I think that is my reading list for 2010 in just two books!

squib said...

I started reading Anna a few days ago, Melba. So far, it's ace-ski

Oh! And I've gone off my Pandora bracelet. I got a silver charm bracelet (the old type) for Christmas and it's got a typewriter (with a moving carriage!) and a triceratops on it and several books including Anna K. It's so, so cute

Melba said...

Oh Cath, I don't have a copy of W&P. Maybe I'd better go and get one from Borders.

I reckon I will do the Russians, then the French and then the Americans, which sounds dirty doesn't it?

Hey squib. I'm up to page 306 in the Penguin Classics version. I had started about a month ago or so, then got sidetracked, we moved, read some non-delicious filler, then got back into it a couple of days ago. I'm loving it too-ski. But it's really quite difficult not to compare one's own attempts at writing as pathetic.

And the Pandora - I'm ashamed to say I went off mine almost instantly (ie never wore it.) But I am intrigued by your charm bracelet. Where from? How?

My mum has one that her sister put together during a world trip in, I think, 1960. It has a bobby's hat which opens and has a little policeman inside; a ferris wheel that moves with coloured carriages; a beer stein from Germany that opens just for starters. It's in heavy silver and I love.

squib said...

When I've put one of the charms back on, I will take a pic and tell you where I got the bits from

I think it's because I've just read The Mysterious Island by Verne and as much as I love him, he's just not very sensitive when it comes to characterisation. So in contrast, Tolstoy is just killing me with his, I don't know, gentle perceptiveness

Lewd Bob said...

AK is the best book ever written and Levin is my favourite character of all time. But then I've told you that before haven't I?

Melba said...

You might have said it before, Bob, but if I hadn't read enough of it, or any of it, it wouldn't have made sense.

I think Levin is MY favourite character of the book. Not sure about all time. But he'd be up there, defo Top 5. He is really quite terrific.

I haven't finished it yet, though, so he might go up to all time top spot.

squib said...

Right from the start, Levin seemed like he was from Melbourne

Melba said...

If I was a man, I'd be someone like Levin I think. Or hope.