Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pretty good actually, better than expected

Enjoyed this one. I liked being able to understand what they said [take note, Guy Ritchie] and the pretty boy leads also I enjoyed. Brad Pitt as an incoherent gypsy is not my cup of tea. [Take note Brad Pitt.]

Still to see:

Bright Star

Bran Nue Dae


The Lovely Bones

A Serious Man [non-essential]

Julie and Julia [non-essential]


Lewd Bob said...

Brad Pitt as an incoherent gypsy is not my cup of tea.

Oh come on my dear Melba. Pitt was brilliant as a Pikey. Loved every rambling moment.

Have you seen him in Inglorious Basterds? Oh my.

magical_m said...

That one's on my list too. I'm glad they replaced Sienna Miller with Rachel McAdams. Simpering Sienna is not my cup of tea.

I do want to see Bright Star because I love Keats, but due to the casting of Abbie Cornish (whom I find extremely dull at the best of times) plus the fact her British accent appears to be APPALLING, I think I am unlikely to be willing to hand over my hard-earned cash to do so.

Julie & Julia is worth it for Meryl alone. But Stanley Tucci and Jane Lynch are an added bonus.


Melba said...

Bob, I couldn't understand a fucking word he said in that movie. I couldn't interpret what anyone said in that film. Didn't mind Lock, Stock though.

But loved Pitt in Basterds. Loved the whole dang thing.

MM. Am taking Princess to see Bright Star, just because it's the sort of film she likes, in addition to the vampire ones.

I do love Januaries for the movies. It's when we average 60-100% less children.

BookMoth said...

A Serious Man is a must-see! It can wait for DVD tho, not essential to see it on the big screen. It ranks up there with Donnie Darko as one of my top 2 existential crises films of the first decade of the 21st century.

Also, if you can still handle Nazi-era fiction after The Kindly Ones (yep, twas me), try Every Man Dies Alone by Hans Fallada (great title, no?(!) ... Also published as Alone in Berlin). Absolutely brilliant. (My top 2 Nazi-era chunky tomes of 2009.) Another of those rediscovered, newly-translated literary masterpieces that seem to be all the rage at the mo.

Happy new year, etc!

Cath said...

I am surprised you want to see Avatar, although I enjoyed it. The trick to that movie is to set your expectations EXTREMELY low. Fuck all story line and lots of effects...!! Julie and Julia is lovely. I followed the blog and then the book, so the book was the final in the trio. Meryl is wonderful. Watch the movie and then watch youtube of Julia Child - fuck she nails the woman. Stanley Tucci is the thinking woman's crumpet.

Melba said...

oooh Cath thanks for J&J tip. Will do that. Avatar. Well, I have a husband and occasionally we like to see a movie together. It is probably the one area in which I compromise occasionally.

I reckon I can read crap books, and get something out of them. Same with movies. I know Ramon's review was not good, so we'll just keep it our little secret that it's on my list, shall we? He doesn't need to know.

Chai said...

A funny Sherlock review here.


Avatar is like Pocahontas in space.
Worth going just for the visuals alone.
It's like going to go see fireworks. There is no depth to the exercise but it's still memorable.