Monday, January 04, 2010


Simply brilliant.
Goes straight into my Top 20 Ever.


magical_m said...

Wow - I will have to push it up my long list of movies to see then!

I saw Nowhere Boy on Saturday... highly recommend it. Why Kristin Scott Thomas is without an Oscar on her mantelpiece is totally beyond my comprehension... she is so beautifully complex as Aunt Mimi.

Pepsi said...


I liked the idea of sleeping on a pile, but reckon Karen O should keep her mouth shut some of the time.

I thought Tony Soprano was excellent, though it dragged to a mid point slump after the big fight that I thought it never quite dragged itself out of.

Happy NY, and hope the new place is dandy.

Melba said...

Well obviously it's only my opinion, Peps.

Hey nice to see you. Happy New Year to you too.

As an aside: If you are referring to the monsters as "Karen O" and "Tony Soprano" then I suggest you didn't really suspend your disbelief any and probably had a literal interpretation. But it was riddled with allegory, did you see?

That's what was brilliant, and genius and awesome.

Pepsi said...


Karen O did the sound track, she of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame and Jonzes bonk at the time. Sound tracks fails for me when they distract you from the story and her constant warbling was a little too much for me.

Anything can be riddled with allegory if you go into it with that mindset, whether its intended by the story or not. I dont think there was anything special in it outside of Max trying to put the monsters into his life somehow, ie trying to build an imaginary world that is better than his own but at the same time trying to put his people and his experiences into it somehow in a very child-like way.

I am interested by your genius / brilliant view of this film but dont share it, rather I think its a nice try that didnt really deliver for me.

I thought the monsters looked awesome, the mix of real & CGI was very well done, and Max Records is a gem but it didnt stop me from nearly nodding off a few times.

Tony Soprano has a very distinct voice, its hard to look at Carols face in your head when the actors face is there but he did manage to do it at times, though I still had persistant images of ducks and white terry towelling dressing gowns??

Pepsi said...
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Melba said...

Well, I didn't know who Karen O was, but that's just because I'm a dag. I liked the music, but I can understand it being a distraction.

I agree when you say that if you look for meaning, you will generally find it BUT I do think it was made in a certain way, and that I'm not imagining what I interpreted. And it wasn't some greater, worldly thing, just about Max's home life... I didn't go into it with that mindset either. I went in completely open minded but knowing that they couldn't just have done the 8 or so pages of the book.

You really didn't see it? I'm not going to spell it out, because you have said not to, but I'm wondering who else saw it. My daughter saw it as well.