Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday part 2

Just "going through my papers"* and came across this little gem, transcribed from The Perfumed Garden, page 48.

Beware the woman with a large, cold vulva for she will be the one to bring misery to a man's house. Likewise, she will be ugly and garrulous, woolly hair, etc. etc.

The man who approaches a woman like that with his member in erection will presently find it soft and relaxed, as though he was only close to a beast of burden.

Contemptible, likewise, is the woman who is constantly laughing out loud... she exhales a bad odour which infects you and sticks to you even after you have left her.

And don't think he's a misogynist, oh no.


Know O my brother (to whom God be merciful) that a man who is misshapen, of coarse appearance, and whose member is short, thin and flabby is contemptible in the eyes of women.

Do you know that women's religion is in their vulvas?

A humid kiss is better than a hurried coitus.

Women like a man who rummages them, even if he is ugly and misshapen.

The coitus of old women is a venomous meal.

I'm so glad I keep so many notes.

* 6 document boxes of news clippings and notes.

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