Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Did you know that in the traditional set-up, there are four different types of clowns and that almost every comedian or comedienne in history can be categorised into one of these four categories?

Oleg Popov was one of the most famous.

Russian clowns have the reputation of being the best in the world, or were at one time.

Some people are scared of clowns, don't like them or are indifferent.
I am fascinated by them, and all things circus.
Happy Wednesday to you.


magical_m said...

I was traumatised by a clown when I was two, at the John Martin's Christmas Pageant in Adelaide. He rode straight towards me on his tricycle yelling "BOOO!". I'm sure my full-pitched screams of terror traumatised him as well, so I guess I subconsciously got my own back.

But I have never cared for clowns since.

squib said...

I'm get really creeped out by happy clowns

obtuse-a said...

John Wayne Gacy and Zig & Zag ruined the magic for me...and speaking of clowns, I'm dying for another Patrick installment, please?

Chai said...

Song about Mr Gacy in case any of you coulrophobics was interested.