Friday, January 08, 2010

Hello Friday, oh happy day

Friday has been good to me this week.

Today I have done the following:

- had a kitchen renovation designed, including choosing the surfaces, the accessoires and appliances

- had the pictures drawn and measurements taken, but the other way around

- decided on charcoal for the wooden floors

- eaten a bagel and a banana pancake (a really thick, fluffy one)

- made coffees on our new machine. It's gorge.

- taken delivery of OUR NEW KING-SIZED BED THAT DOESN'T MOVE WHEN CLOKEY TURNS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- put new, appropriately-sized linen on bed

- heated up napoli sauce, made from scratch by moi. There is nothing simpler. Nothing I tell you.

- moved our old bed into Daughter One's room. It's a queen-size, she will be rapt, even if I do call it "the Boat Bed."

- decided to renovate the bathroom as well

- decided to use long tiles. Ooooh.

- chosen tapware, vanity unit and new kitchen sink. And come in under budget.

What a day of achievements. The only thing on the list not done was see Bright Star. I think we'll be too tired to go tonight. Tomorrow?


suze2000 said...

Wait, I thought you were renting?

Congrats either way though. Especially on the bed. Hubby and I did that a couple of months ago and it's really improved my sleep quality (he didn't really care).

Another Outspoken Female said...

Ditto Suze's first question or have you got a really, really good landlord?

Fabo re king size bed. Love sleeping in them on hols in Asia. Desperately want one (preferably with an optional "cone of silence" extra) to improve our relationship sleep wise but our rooms are just too little - though could possibly squeeze on in the lounge/dining room/kitchen if we forgo the table, chairs and sofa though it could get a bit john and yoko.

Melba said...

Sorry for the confusion. Am renovating the flat we've just moved out of (I own that one) and yes, we are renting where we are now, couldn't buy etc etc all too expensive.

Had a great sleep last night in The Bed.

Hey AOF. I don't see anything wrong with getting a bit John and Yoko.

Leilani said...

Oh, I just saw this! You got the KING SIZE. Congrats! Isn't it the best thing ever invented in the entire history of bedding EVER?