Monday, August 26, 2013


Here I was thinking 'oh, there are no good comedy shows anymore, no one taking potshots at pollies, doing parodies, oh woah are the young in this country, missing out on comedy gold.'

Not so friends. I know at times my life is like living under a rock. I'm secluded, I do my thing, and I try to filter out the static. But I think I'm also filtering out a lot of pretty excellent stuff.

Like this for example:


M said...

LOL, yep, pretty much sums it up.

suze2000 said...

OMG thanks for that - I'm about to go away, but that makes the election for me.

I postal voted on the weekend. Unbelievable. There were NINETY-SEVEN senate candidates to number. I got it first go, thankfully. Last time I think there were 68 or something, and I needed to get a new ballot because I got to the end and had 59. *sigh*

It's a stitch up. More people than ever are going to look at the ballot and just vote above the line with a 1. I don't understand why we can't number 1-30 for the parties above the line. It would be sooooo much easier.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I needed a good laugh. My favourite bits were the Red Woman reference, building a wall in the North to keep the wildlings out, being from QLD is as racist as it gets, Tony's sexist remarks, and "you underestimate what a bunch of cunts the Australian public are".

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Made that political satire show the ABC runs on a Wednesday look like utter shite.

... Which, too be fair, isn't all that difficult, since it looks like utter shite anyway.

My ballot papers should be waiting for me when I get home. I like being able to sit at my desk, and look up all the candidates' websites as I work my way through the senate paper. However, I agree with Suze that people should have the option of preferentially numbering above the line.

Melba said...

Yes I loved the wildling bit too and the others you mentioned.

Good luck with your ballot papers. Lucky to be able to sit and take your time. Actually how does that work? Is it a remote thing?

Anonymous said...

Too late for this election, but if you contact the electoral commision and give them one of these excuses they'll send you a postal vote. Makes things a lot more pleasant.