Thursday, August 29, 2013

You know what?

I think I'm going to fucking do it.


KittyMeow said...

Im voting for them too. Sure they dont have any economic policies, but we all know they wont be in any humanitarian influence they can have, I'm all for it. Theyre the single party who's policies I ALL agree with.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I won't have the option to vote for a Wikileaks representative.

This year, I'm considering intentionally numbering women before men within party blocks where I don't have a clear preference of candidate. Maybe it'll help get more women into parliament (probably not). Positive discrimination, good or bad idea?

Also, saw this press club event with Palmer and Katter while I was out in the forbidden zone. I think it's well worth listening to. Mainly for Katter. I don't think it'll convince anyone to vote for him (not my intention) and yes, I know he sounds like a raving lunatic. I just wish the rest of the political sphere had more of a sustained interest in the topics he's obviously passionate about. Instead of all this "my budget surplus is bigger than yours" shit.

I had a gander at your site too, Kitty; some of those sketches are pretty decent. Nice job.

jo_blue said...

I think i'm going to join you. Maybe we can start a movement!

Melba said...

I think teh Sex Party has the worst name ever but I agree with most of their policies. Julian Assange, I kind of dig him (not sexually) but I like what he stands for.

Hey Kitty, you're still around? I remember, I think, when you were in Year 11 or 12, I remember you left a comment and I was amazed you were reading this blog! How are you?

Alex, love it when you're around, I miss your comments.

And hey Jo Jo, likewise. Yes, let's start a movement.