Tuesday, August 06, 2013


if fellatio can be abbreviated to fellashe - a not inelegant phrase if you ask me. Then, the question is, what syllable would cunnilingus be truncated at.

Has to be cunni, but then you could only use it if you were wearing this type of apparel:

drinking this type of beverage:

rocking this sort of hair:

and listening to this sort of music, oh and dancing like that too:


Anonymous said...

So, that wasn't a joke video, was it?

Also, since we're discussing language; what's the story with the word "bogan"? I don't think I even heard the term until, like, 2000, and I'm not sure I completely understand it. I'm definitely familiar with "yobbo". Is bogan just a newer word? Does it mean something different?

I still don't have a full grasp of "hipster", either, by the way. I feel like the language is leaving me behind.

Melba said...

No not a joke video. That was Daddy Cool (the band) with a very fresh-faced Ross Wilson on stage. I think it was shot at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.

I'm with you on bogan. Yobbo is an old word, and we used to call people 'toughs' as well. There were sharps and skins, hippies, punks, alternatives (emerged during the '80s and included anyone from people who wore mod clothes, to people who kind of went a bit new-Romantic, to what people call 'hipsters' today.)

Apparently, so Princess tells me, hipsters are different from indies. She says that indies are new, that they weren't around before, but I disagree. I reckon indies are what we referred to when we called opp-shop-clothes-wearing people in the early '80s. Indies are apparently people who are authentically 'alternative' and hipsters are more wannabes who are just alighting upon some of the indie fashion as a trend. They don't tend to have the attitudes & ideologies to go with the clothes they might (eg they might have a Ned Kelly beard and ride a fixie bike but inside, they are bland) whereas the indies (I believe) marry clothes and appearance with attitude (independent of trends, outside trends.)

But I'm not sure I've gotten it either. This is my interpretation, any time I try to clarify with P she goes 'NO THAT'S NOT IT!'

I do think bogan is a newer word for yobbo HOWEVER there are cashed-up bogans, males and females, so it's a bit more complicated. There was a class thing attached to the word 'yobbo' wasn't there? Working class? Whereas bogans can even be wealthy these days.

I'm having a huge deja vue. I'm sure we've talked about this...

M said...

It's hard to believe that someone (anyone) thought this kind of dancing was sexy. I mean...these guys were all probs having some cunni or fellashe... but how?

The best thing about this video is that it has Feret in it. Someone actually confirmed it with him and posted it all over Facebook. Love it.

sarah toa said...

Bogans were here in the 80s but maybe that was just West Australian culture. I always thought they originated from Broadmeadows actually ... here they were the spawn of working class gen parents - with a certain kind of pride in their roots. And Bon Scott of course.

Mining has changed all this. Now there is an inversion of prosperity. Buddahs smirk against red brick and the shitboxes are worth a squill. Own three homes. Quarterly trips to Bali. Skimpy barmaids. No mining tax.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, that's a pretty apt description of my West Australian rellies. It's just that, in the 80s, I can't remember them (us) being called bogans. Yobbos, yes. Maybe it was only used by people outside my social strata, so I wasn't exposed to it, or something. I dunno.

I'm thinking there might be something in Melba's suggestion that bogan has replaced yobbo to reflect the change from an economically based social class to simply a type of behaviour.

Anonymous said...

The definition of hipster, it seems, continues to be unclear. Give my thanks to Princess for at least trying, Melbs.

Melba said...

OK I actually asked her properly about it in the car on the way to school today. The info above was what I remembered from previous convos with her, with me trying to work out the difference. This deserves a new post... and I'll try even a podcasty thing.