Friday, August 09, 2013

Hipster versus indie versus everything else

OK, I asked my daughter about this. While I'm trying to work out how to embed an audio file into this blog, here are the notes, transcribed verbatim from Princess:

P: Hipster's more mainstream, sort of more 'brandy' will wear the Chinos rolled up, the Vans. That have that certain type of hair that's more quiffy, and sort of shaved on one side a little bit more edgy than the indies. And they might have piercings or tattoos or that stuff, they might have been skaters but then they started to decide to dress vaguely nicely.

And then like indies are more like opp-shoppy, you have mainstream indie now, it was in the shops a while ago but it's become a bit more rocker-chicky so that's changed. Um, indies wear a lot more layers, there's more girl indies than boy indies and you would never see a hipster with a ukulele. Ever. 

Me: A girl indie will carry a ukulele?

P: Not always, it's not like 'I'm going out of the house. Take a ukulele!' But [friend's name] has one. A good indie has a ukulele. Boys as well.

Me: But there aren't many boy indies.

P: There are plenty of boy indies.

Me: You said you won't see many boy indies.

P: [keeping patient, for the interview] I said you won't see many girl hipsters.

Me: Oh. What about the Ned Kelly beard? Like I was saying before...

P: Well, indie's younger. Maybe indie turns into hipster as they get older, I don't know, because none of my friends who are indie have facial beards! I'm sure they'd love to grow them but... they're not allowed, and they're teenage boys.

Me: You said before that confidence is important for indies because it starts younger and you have to be confident to wear opp-shop clothes, non-mainstream clothes...

P: Well not always opp-shops but they sort of come from little boutiquey shops a lot. Like if you find a true indie, you'd never find them shopping at Sportsgirl, they might find one thing and that's like a specialised indie one thing... Yeah so hipster, it's a lot more branded, like shops like Globe, General Pants, American Apparel. But we all like American Apparel, it's just too expensive.

Me: You were saying before [we were talking before I started taping] that indies are into jumpers and hipsters more into jackets. And you were saying the guys wear puddle pants with the Vans, rolled up-

P: With no socks.

Me: No socks. Could that have originated as an indie look?

P: No, because Vans are branded. And really expensive. You have to think about the money here as well. Indies are dressing at opp-shops because they're thinking... consumerist... blah blah blah...  Whereas hipsters have no qualms about that.

Me: So there's also an intersection between social politics? Attitudes? Conservation? Philosophies?

P: Maybe [sounding doubtful]

Me: What about dumpster diving? Have you heard of that?

P: That's Feral.


Me: Just talk quickly about 'bogan' and 'yobbo'

P: Okay. Yobbo is bogan, no one uses the word yobbo anymore, because saying 'yobbo' makes you sound like a yobbo so you don't say it. You say bogan, so... yobbo just shouldn't even be in the dictionary. I've never heard it, from someone. It's ridiculous.

Me: So there's another group?

P: Oh yes, we have heaps. So then there's like, crossing over from that you have the North Face Guys, right.  And they all dress in, sort of like, a little bit hipsterish cause they'll wear the Chinos but they'll wear the Chinos with runnery kind of, not runner runners, but you know those Nike things with the really thick white bits?

Me: ...

P: And they wear those North Face jackets zipped right up to under their chins and have the hoods up so they can mug people. They always have a backpack, always. Like a sports backpack and they go to parties and never take it off, because there's usually illegal things in there.

[Recording finished.]

The only other thing I learned was that you know how we say 'google it' they also say 'image it' so when I said what do hipsters wear, she said 'image it.'

So here we are:




Some pages on the differences

 Hipsters - lots of definitions on the one page

 The hipster test

Just to say it: this whole exercise I feel is very unhipster, however, it seems also that no one wants to be a hipster or if they do/are, then they are original hipsters and everyone else after them are bogus.


M said...

I've found that you will never get the most hipsters of the hipsters to ever admit to being hipsters.

Anonymous said...

What I took from this is that you weren't joking when you said Princess knew about fashion.

Unfortunately, the pictures don't add a lot of clarity for me. If a hipster is a hairy bloke in a flannie, jeans, and boots, then most of the yobbos I hung out with in my young life were hipsters too (undo the top button (or two), change the hair, add durrie -- voila). Surely there must be a behavioral aspect ... but then ...

Me: So there's also an intersection between social politics? Attitudes? Conservation? Philosophies?

P: Maybe [sounding doubtful]

At least the yobbo/bogan thing got cleared up. I think I quite like the idea of you two doing a podcast. The Princess & Melba Show? Ah, maybe you don't want something that abbreviates to PMS. Then again, maybe you do.

sarah toa said...

Melba, this is gold. Thanks so much and please send my thanks on to Princess. It's an anthrop joyride.

Melba said...

She says thanks all for your comments and appreciation. Hah a podcast called PMS. Funny.

I really just don't know, because as you say Alex, some of the apparel appears across several groups, it's confusing.

Maybe one difference is that yobbos/bogans know they are and are happy to be? And hipsters don't want to be, as you said M, I don't imagine any degree of hipster would admit it, but I wonder what they call themselves, and indeed, what they call each other. Surely they see the degrees? None of them want to be part of any tribe, they want to be unique but they're not. They're as tribey as any others... it's the true eccentric who stands out BUT some people who are really over the top with their fashion stand out as knobs. I don't know.

Anyway thanks for your comments. Yes, P does know her fashion, and this is just contemporary stuff. She is amazing on historical stuff.

[Just now]:

Me: So what is the year spread of stuff you know with fashion and history?

P: Of everything I know? Probably I know the most from... I would say... okay... 15th century onwards. I know a little bit around the 12th century cause I got interested after I watched Trisan & Isolde, but it's hard to find stuff because they didn't start wearing stuff to try and look nice until about the 1300s.


This is a girl who has an obsession, I love it, and has had for about five years now, so since she was eleven or so? She wants to work in that area when she's older. I don't know that it's an area, she might have to forge her own way.