Thursday, August 15, 2013



Alex said...

Unfortunately Viacom are pretty damn quick about taking down Daily Show clips. I know what you're talking about though and will hunt up that episode.

Melba said...

bum if you find a solid link please share and i'll update


Melba said...

or i could look myself


Melba said...


Melba said...

Also just got a letter from my local Greens person, apparently my electorate has one of the highest Greens votes in Victoria. Well howdydo. The Greens only need to increase their vote by a few thousand from the 2010 election to win my electorate.

All looks a little more palatable now.

suze2000 said...

I wasn't aware that stupid woman had gone on to say that Jews follow Jesus. Can she even tie her own shoelaces in the morning?

Melba said...

Well she's out now it seems. Thank fuck. What a massive ignoramus. The funny/sad thing is I *think* she tried to do her homework and I guess it was the first time she'd spoken publicly about these things, using the 'new words' and she stuffed it up majestically.

OR she didn't do any homework and was just that hopeless.

Either way: a bad look.

Mr E said...
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Mr E said...

Alas poor Ms Banister, banished to the bustbin of Australian political history, never to be seen or heard from again in the media.And why? Only through a geographical accident of birth, were she be "Born in the USA"* she'd have already been signed up by Fox News as a "Political Analyst" on $280,000 a year.

*Copyright Bruce Springsteen.

Alex said...

Do you reckon we'll ever get an equivalent of Fox News over here? ACA and Today Tonight rate pretty well, don't they? How's Andrew Bolt's show been doing?

On Ms Banister: Ironically, (if I have my mythology correct) Muslims do follow Jesus, don't they? He's one of the prophets, right? Just not the son of God, like Christians believe? (Jesus, how does anyone take this shit seriously?)

Something I'm curious about though, that bit where she's saying Haram - it's hard to tell from the little clips, but she's actually using that term (fairly) correctly isn't she? The terms Haram and Halal refer to condoned and forbidden behaviour for Muslims, right? And it was the sale of Halal food that she was kicking up a stink about?

I totally missed that story about the bloke with his dick in the glass of wine.

Also, did you see the following nights show, and the interview with the bloke who made that doco in Indonesia? Looks pretty bloody interesting.

Melba said...

No Alex, my take was she mixed haram and shariah (law). Haram does mean forbidden and can refer to food and activities/behaviours, but she said 'Muslims follow haram'. Seems like she's done a little bit of homework but still gotten it really wrong.

No didn't see the following night. A link please?

Have no idea about Andrew Bolt. He has a show? Far out.

Alex said...

Cheers for clearing that up.

If I remember correctly, about two years ago, Channel 10 was going through a bit of a troublesome period and tried an experiment with a bunch of news and current affairs shows. George Negus had a serious, hard-hitting news programme in opposition to ACA & TT that was shit-canned after a few months due to crap ratings and, last I heard, Andrew Bolt's hour of right-wing lunacy continues to rate well in opposition to Insiders on Sunday mornings.

It's hard to find Daily Show clips that stay up on YouTube and similar sites. If you've got a VPN, you can watch in on the Daily Show website. If not, you can watch it as a series on 10 second clips at Or you should be able to find a downloadable file with this web search.

But speaking of video, I saw something tonight that I though was worth sharing. The Last Woman Standing. On the one hand, it's a stupid, wanky reality game-show full of pommy sheilas blabbing monotonously about how hard and competitve they are and shit; but there's enough interesting stuff about primitive/isolated cultures that it's worth watching. And it shows a side to the women in those cultures that I'd not seen before. The first episode, with the Amazon wrestlers was probably the best one so far.

On a side note, the second Amazonian tribe they visit talks about their marriage ceremony, in which the bride has sex with every man in the groom's family (supposedly to stop jealousy). Makes your head spin, eh?

Alex said...

Sorry, that last link was mangled: