Saturday, December 10, 2005

it's all about the shoes

this is a rejoinder to cotton's call for a backlash against the white shoe vote i submitted

now listen to me, oh my people.

i gave him lots of shoes - a plethora, an abundance. yet he chose to picture the crappest ones. there were far finer shoes in the collection.

i ask you, nay i beseech you to join me in the cry for the white shoes. for he is the white shoes. he is not the dude at number two. nor number three. he is not the tool on the helicopter ladder about to be swiped by a shark, nor is he the little guy smiling in front of a laptop. he certainly is not richard harris. he is not a pussy, wet or otherwise. next, fuck pavlich. a child on a toilet, simple and cutesy. cotton is neither of these things. he is all over the place yet charming - just like a pair of white shoes that walk and talk without speaking.

a block of cotton with a label - too obvious. the little thumbs up girl, so over her. never liked her, she was creepy. cotton is not creepy. grown up thumb girl. i quite like her, but she is not right either. numbers 13 + 14; nah, though bert and osama made me laugh. and the script with red corrections - again simple and too obvious. there is no aesthetic there. and too one-dimensional.

i suggest we re-open the competition. now i really wish to be wheat and not chaff. i would strive, given more time, to really hone my entries. find the One. Please the Cotton.

shall we backlash against the backlash?


BEVIS said...

I don't like how this whole episode is turning out ...

Magical_M said...

fuck pavlich

i would like to. but i don't think he'd be interested in me.