Thursday, December 01, 2005

the meme for ladycrackerland [warning. this is pretty dull but i did my best.]

10 Years Ago:
1995. hmmm. well i was married and it was the year before i got pregnant. i was teaching english to overseas students here in melbourne, and had just gotten back from several years overseas. i was living in east melbourne in a bland one-bedroom apartment. i went to freedom furniture and bought all the furniture i needed in about 30 minutes. a boy with a clipboard followed me around the store as i pointed out what i wanted. i was driving my brother's car - it's a '61 valiant s-series, with fancy wings and blokes used to check out the car at red lights. it made me feel cool. otherwise, my life was fairly boring so i won't try and dress it up for you. i was pretty unhappy.

5 Years Ago:
um, 2000. we were in turkey, living in istanbul. still fairly unhappy. we were in the big earthquake and it was fucking terrifying. we had to sleep outside in the park and elsewhere for a couple of nights. there were aftershocks for months afterwards; one would happen and we would all go running out of the apartment and up the hill to the park. maybe that was 1999 actually. yes, it was. sorry about that. this is a shite effort. my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer, while she was staying with us in istanbul. it was a terrible time. fuck, why couldn't this meme have been a 20 year ago one. things were probably a bit brighter or more interesting then.

1 Year Ago:
2004. shit, i can't remember yesterday. but, the last two years have been good for me. i met a beautiful man after 4 years on my own. my life has been a lot more peaceful, with lots of pleasure and enjoyment, that i had not had for many many years.

last year i went back to study and my brain re-ignited with all the intellectual things i'd been missing. it was wonderful, i was on fire. everything was good last year. everything. except princess' school was crap so i decided to move house so she could go to a new school. we did that last september, a week before her birthday.

Five Yummy Things:
ice cream. spaghetti marinara made MY way. champagne. mango. kisses.

Five songs I know by heart:
most of the evita album. which is more than five songs.

Five things I would do with a LOT of money:
buy a house
put some away for princess' education
buy lots of nice clothes and shoes
start some sort of thing, like an orphanage overseas, or help street kids here. do lots of good works.
help out friends and family

Five things I would never wear:
any type of sports top/football jumper etc
a g. sorry, can't fucking stand them.
a boob tube
white boots
a chastity belt

Five favourite TV shows:
the office
get smart
fawlty towers

Five things I enjoy doing:
reading the newspaper
reading novels
reading non-fiction
reading trash magazines
everything else except falling off stools, cutting my finger while cooking, stubbing my toe, scraping my leg when shaving, getting shampoo in my eyes, rushing around being too busy.


BEVIS said...

You're a top chick, MG. <-- meant as high praise; please don't be offended!

Thanks for your encouragement over on mine, too.

It didn't take long for Neighbours to jump from nowhere to the second-top position on your TV list!

Sorry to hear about the hard times, but it's always great to hear things have been so much better recently (with a few notable exceptions, of course).


Well done, good on ya, you're ace, etc.

LadyCracker said...

Wow, I want to hear more about Instanbul.

BEVIS said...

Ladycracker, I believe it's spelt 'Istanbul', unless you want to know about the place where they make a lot of Instant Coffee? That might be Instanbul ...


MelbourneGirl said...

a "really funny" friend of mine used to call my ex-husband stan bull. It was a mildly amusing joke, and the instanbul slip has made me think of it.

ask me questions LC and i will do my best to answer.

am very busy transcribing at the moment, so might have head down a bit for a while though. but i will be back.

and mr bevis. thank you for your words. they have made me feel good. i put the neighbours thing in mostly for your benefit. i knew it would please you. oh master.

sublime-ation said...

Instanbull was Constipanople now it's Instanbull...

Russell Allen said...

I was working in a bank in London and my VP was in Istanbul when the quake struck. He called me moments after it happened asking what to do. He didn't even call his wife. He didn't her number. He knew mine. Now that's sad.

Chastity belts are friggin uncomfortable.

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