Monday, December 12, 2005

you know what?

about the shoes. i can't be bothered putting up any more pics when it seems i'm only talking to a small green frog (though i love him dearly, and he is so loyal) and an italian (while no doubt gorgeous and virile and with much chest hair) (oh, and bevis, no doubt you are too) (and have too).

oh, shiiiiiiit.

what am i trying to say?

i am moving on.


Chai said...

Well, I did see it... but I'm still upset at not making the Cottons' finalists :-) As my mum always told me, "Just shut up, will you?" I'd go for the loafers, #3, *sniffle*...

MelbourneGirl said...

merci beaucoup chai. they are fine loafers aren't they? you have a good eye

and i'm sure your mother didn't talk to you like that.

BEVIS said...

I am neither gorgeous nor virile.

And the only hair on my chest is Wifey's when she's lying against me / on me as we watch TV together on the couch.

(PS - Thanks for the props.)

Note the distinct lack of smiley faces in this comment, out of respect for you and your beliefs.

BEVIS said...

This comment is a different situation altogether, though:


elaine said...

...but I voted with the shoes and against myself (the cat)

wasn't that enough?


Dxxxx said...

Cotton can deny the shoes all he likes. We know.


LadyCracker said...

I don't know much about this so i kept out of it.

xx LC

thr said...

he I am always reading yer blog MG.

I guess I ought to comment more often. I am sure there are other lurkers her too!!


sublime-ation said...

ummm....I'm with Ladycracker. I'm not that great with the visual imagery, I'm only an art writer after all.
Beejayzus imagine if you people got your hands on art.

Anonymous said...

I decided I'll probably be disapointed not matter which one Cotton picks (geddit?) so I'm just trying to pretend it's not happening.

MelbourneGirl said...

wow, what a little dummy spit does to the comments. i thank you all for your support especially you elaine for voting against your entry. and bevis for being funny. always. and thomasr for commenting even just once. lc, sometimes it makes good sense to keep out of things. i however always find this hard to do. and dxxx. yes, we do know. sublime, that's ok. maybe we should all get art pics for our profiles. and surly, i think i'm going to be disappointed too. but it's not such a big deal. well, then, why am i making it a big deal?

because that's just what i do.

neighbours is on in 15. princess and i cannot wait. although i have to say i couldn't keep a straight face while alex was "dying" last night. and then all of a sudden he's in a suit. my mum was here "reading the newspaper" but she and i exchanged smirks across the head of princess who was thoroughly into it. although she did say later, "it wasn't very good acting"

am getting very excited. also must head over to cotton's now to see if there's been any movement.

MelbourneGirl said...

oh and bevis. what is "props" derived from? i first heard on american idol, yes i know, i know, i am old and unfash. and that big dude used it alot.

BEVIS said...

Hey there MG.

There are a couple of opinions as to its origin. The two I like the best are as follows:

1. Props is short for "propers" as in, "proper respect". Apparently, the entire word "propers" is used in the song "Respect", written by Otis Redding and most famously recorded by Aretha Franklin in 1967. I can't confirm this claim, as music isn't my thing ... as so many other things are. :) (Oops, sorry - I forgot about the smiley faces ...) The theory goes that he sings: "All I'm askin' in return honey is to give me my propers when I get home" - but I wouldn't know if this is rubbish or not.

2. Proprietary rights. Giving someone the right to call an act their own. Acknowledging their mastery. "Props to you for that comeback." I think this one is more likely; plus it's my personal favourite as it has its roots in the theatre (as do I - but we won't go there).

Thank you very much, MG. I hope I win the competition.

(I agree with Princess' view of the acting in Neighbours ... can anyone else say 'rushed death plot to take us out during the year's finale week'?)

Oh, and one more thing - does anyone else remember me predicting a few weeks ago somewhere that Harold was likely to go psycho before the end of the year?

Just bear that in mind as the week unfolds. My sources (TV Week) tell me this is pretty darn spot-on. Yay me.

MelbourneGirl said...

i do remember your harold prophecy, oh soothsayer. for some reason i though last night was the final ep. (say what?!) then princess and i looked at each other when there was the promo for tonight. oh goody. another 3 episodes. alex's death was pathetic. can you tell me why he didn't have any treatment? i must have missed that. a one sentence reply will suffice bevie. i don't want to wear out the friendship

BEVIS said...

Hehe ... the Lymphoma was just too far gone for treatment.

problematic said...

I hate all those shoes. All of them. You say that my 'corrections' page is obvious? What about the shoes? They are in Typicalville, population: you.

It's a little joke that started up, and i think that because you have been left my shoes, (when I finally stick that double barrel down my gob) it gives you the right to choose them as my identity.

Get over it Melbs, stop the coup. Stop throwing your power around.

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier, I have been poor, and hungry.

Maybe my image could be a small starving black child?

With white wine and garlic they're delicious.


MelbourneGirl said...

i have power?

love you cotty. don't go hungry. or cold.

and don't go changing
[nose wrinkle]