Friday, December 30, 2005

a life half lived

forgive me my sentimentality, for that is all you will find here for the next 26 days. shit is it that many? i hadn’t properly counted before. maybe that’s why.
i hadn’t wanted to know how many it was. for it is many.

i know, i keep saying “for” in some olde worlde poete kind of way

so, the sentimentality will be a feature, an ode to my daughter will unfold here on these pages, day by day. yes, colleen, i hear you. but i won’t pray. for it is not in my nature. my nature tends to catastrophe and destruction which is not a good thing for a mother. i fight it.

weird – today i must have looked at my phone clock more than a dozen times. i am preoccupied with the time today. working out mentally where princess is, what she is doing. most times the hand has been either on the 12, the 3, the 6 or the 9. omen? of what?

i am turning into a basket case and it is only day one.

do i count upwards or downwards? i think both.

day 1.
26 days to go.


michellesarah said...

Faaaantastic. You HAD to go and show me a cute little baby blog, didn't you?!

Now I'll be all teary. I'm so clucky I can hardly bear it. For the past year or so, I feel like crying almost every time I see a 'fresh one', as I like to call 'em. How I am supposed to make it through the next 5 years of the life plan before I'm 'supposed' to have kids, I have no idea.

Squish squish..

Riss said...

She looks absolutely adorable.

BEVIS said...

I thought Princess was nine! Are you telling me you sent a baby to America on her own??!!

Sorry, perhaps it's not the right time to make (lame, very lame) jokes. :)

You be strong. Like I said a few weeks ago, she'll be having the 'Time Of Her Life' ... and a real 'Life Experience' she'll always remember!

And you can't spend the next 26 days in hell. You'll be too hot, for one.

Just try to relax and enjoy your time without any kiddies as best you can, safe in the knowledge that Princess is having a ball and she'll be fine.

I know it's "easy for me to say", but I'm just trying to encourage.

Anyway, I'll respond to your comments in your previous post within the next 24 hours - I've gotta fly now.


PS - With the Narnia thing ... just make sure you stay to watch the bit after the cast list has scrolled (you don't have to wait for the rest of the credit sequence ... which follows the little epilogue bit I'm talking about).

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