Friday, June 23, 2006


i must point out that my last post contained an error. i stated that keith windschuttle is a holocaust denier. this is absolutely inaccurate, as he is a denier of aboriginal massacres and other horrible things enacted by white european settlers in australia upon the indigenous peoples. clearly nothing to do with the holocaust of wwII.

the person i was thinking of, as the holocaust denier, was david irving.

i just don't know how i possibly mixed the two of them up, as they clearly have different ideologies.

so in the interest of accuracy, and non-fabrication of history (which last friday's post now is) i state my error and apologise if i offended any delicate-flower racist* readers or any other sensitive types who were understandably upset by this mistake.

happy weekend everyone.

be nice to people. it's easy, give it a go.

and look after yourselves.

* i guess even racists get pissed off when someone mixes up their poster boys.


sublime-ation said...

You are not so wrong as you think. Easy to get them confused, as they are both insane deniers of factual events of history.
This is currently making me feel better:
Up Yours Windshuttle.

I think it needs to be re-exhibited, somewhere like the NGV or the Ian Potter Museum...Ellen Jose is TSI, btw...

Adolf Hitler said...

You are forgiven.

BEVIS said...

Hmm, that's weird. I wrote the above comment, but I included the link to this image in the 'YOUR WEB PAGE' line, so you could see I was just having a laugh (as opposed to a real anti-Holocaust freak getting angry and vengeful on you or something) ...

If you have a look, you'll see it was just there to make you smile.

treespotter said...

i hate racists and browns.

i can't say that. i'm brown myself.
shit, that's a really bad joke. sorry.

sublime-ation said...

ps you were only incorrect in that you wrote 'the holocaust', it should have been 'a holocaust'.
The dessimation of Tasmanian Aboriginal people can definitely be considered a holocaust, so in that sense, Windschuttle is A holocaust denier.

boy, you can tell I love him can't you?

MelbourneGirl said...

hey all. i know sublime. the couple of web references i checked mention both of them in the same sentences. a bit like abbott and costello (that's bud and lou, not tony and pete). they just seem to go together.

bevis. it's ok, i take your joke in the vein it was intended. but i am touchy about the holocaust.

and sublime, i think i can still refer to it as "the" because thus far it is the only widely-acknowledged one, and has become known as "the". until the other ones are referred to as holocausts, i figure i am still in the right. but i take your point. and give you big hugs for caring.

fight on!!

and hey treespotter. all welcome here. even dubious jokers. it's OKAY, i love everyone.

except racists. as i think i have already said just once or twice.

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