Friday, June 02, 2006

friday update*

1. when i run a bath, it always comes out too hot, and then i have to let some out and put in more hot water. this is starting to annoy me.

2. we just bought arrested development on dvd.

3. last night i was loading songs to mypod, and i was rapt to see that john had cool for cats by squeeze on an 80s compilation.

4. the gigi is well, thank you all for you support and concern. we are walking very nicely now; i step out with mypod blaring.

5. i am so enjoying nikki on bb uk. also am waiting for more on the lisa and pete saga. you should check out the trilogy of terror that appears here.

this one first

then this one

and finally, this one.

6. what the fuck is happening with david hicks? he should be sent home. what the fuck is happening in iraq? we should get the fuck out of there. democracy? what a laugh. civil war is just around the corner. the war america thinks it is fighting, or says it is fighting, two different things perhaps, is unwinnable. now american soldiers shoot some civilians, it's just fucked. they went on a rampage because their mate got killed?

the julia gillard thing - abbott can call someone a snivelling grub, and then retract by saying he apologised if he caused offence to grubs, or something similar, but when gillard used the exact same words, and the exact same retraction, was suspended. haven't read today's paper so don't know what more has happened there.

7. the indigenous situation is moving off the front pages. it sickens me how the media just move on. i understand it though. what sickens me more is that there is not one politician with any power prepared to stand up and say this is going to stop, and put some money into it, and really seek solutions.

8. i am feeling really quite relaxed now having handed in my thesis. i am already thinking about a phd, and while this might seem mad, i found that i really loved the research and the intellectual stimulation. my supervisor said i should make it into a book. i have other ideas for books though.

9. in the last two days i have eaten at borsari's in carlton and di stasio in st. kilda. the food was good but i can't really be bothered describing it. i will say the oysters at borsari were outstanding, and the penne with rabbit ragu was excellent at di stasio's. the di stasio tiramisu beat borsari's. yes, i like tiramisu.

10. when i was first a student in carlton i discovered the joys of spaghetti marinara. i would eat it everywhere it was on the menu. i kept a little notebook and recorded how many times i had it. my goal was to have my centenary spag marinara in italy. i got sick of them at about the mid 70s. now i order it sometimes. i cook the best spag marinara. i don't like it with tomatoes, it must be olive oil base. i don't like the coral on scallops either. not that that's particularly relevant. and i do like parmesan cheese on it, even though that's not what you're meant to do.

how did i get onto spaghetti marinara? oh, one other thing, when i was studying for my hsc exams, i went down to my dad's holiday house in inverloch. he came down one weekend, and cooked me spaghetti marinara. he couldn't find any fresh seafood (strange, i know, being a beach side town) so bought frozen packet fish and washed off the breadcrumbs. it was fairly foul but this is a memory that i have that proves to me that he loves me. the effort he went to, with that meal.

* this is a day late cause our server went down last night.


Chai said...

Congrats on the thesis. Now you'll be feeling lost with all that free time on your hands.

sublime-ation said...

Do a Ph.D and turn it into a book. I have a friend who did that and she really enjoyed it, two birds with one stone thing...I would but am too busy writing books to study!
Don't even get me started on the indigenous sitch. It's been a crises in terms of health care, incest, family and cultural break down for years and no one gives a toss.
By the way, I am currently in love with Vernon Ah Kee. If you could read this whole text it sums the entire race situation in Australia up so well...

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks chai. and nice one sublime. i read what i could. "i'm not racist but..." is a classic piece of australian vernacular. i wonder whether the phrase exists in other languages?

mmmm. phd and book. my supervisor said the masters might be a book. there's certainly enough there.

i need a breather though, filled with long walks, joining a gym, learning to play something other than silent night on the piano, gardening, earning a bit of money, finding the perfect kick-arse frock for the wedding, finding the perfect wedding ring to go with the engagement ring, helping kids with homework, patting the gigi, cooking and eating some new dishes, working out a way to save money to go to turkey and italy next year, showing john how much i appreciate him for all his support over the last 15 months, all that kind of stuff.

when's your deadline sublime? i kow you've said so many times but i can only hold one deadline in my head at a time. and now mine's gone, i can cope with your's.

Susanne said...

I'm looking foward to when my thesis/uni is done and I can go out and have fun and do things.

Actually, I think I might do some fun things soon, when my essays for the semester are done.

Tammiodo said...

MG, at one stage I remember reading that you were worried you might have the post-thesis blues, but from reading that list of things you're up to, I seriously doubt it!


Another Outspoken Female said...

Have you watched SFU yet? I balled my eyes out!

BEVIS said...

Did they all die?

(Or are we not there yet?)

Another Outspoken Female said...

bawled even ? Obviously I couldn't see the keyboard clearly through misted eyes.

Bevis: only one.

sublime-ation said...

Yes you need to do all those wonderful things...
my deadlines mid July. Then I go to the country, then Fiji to sit on a beach and DO F ALL. Bliss.
I will come over in August and teach you some piano.

Dxxxx said...

Where have you been, cheeky lady?!?!


MelbourneGirl said...

dxxxx. i have been slack haven't i? i thought i would be blogging all the time but because i'm not on the laptop all the time, i am not online all the time, and not, therefore, blogging all the time, which i seemed to be before but am not now.

but i have projects in mind, and inspiration abounds. well, in my own mind, anyway. so stay tuned.