Thursday, June 15, 2006

this week's six feet under. only one to go.

last night i watched most of sfu from behind my hands, and a cushion off the couch. i was convinced really bad things were going to happen.
there was a toing and froing of maya between brenda who has clearly been all over the place since nate's death six weeks previously. ruth wanted to keep maya, george pleaded on her behalf, brenda agreed, then changed her mind.
ruth had a conversation with george, and said "we could raise her [maya] couldn't we?"
he gallantly ignored the "we" and what it implied, and agreed that yes, they could.
brenda was having weird dreams about billy; especially after nate appeared and told her she and billy could "be together" in all senses of the expression, that they should as they belong together, that they could go away somewhere new and set up as a couple and fuck. that last word just hung in the air. so confronting. then brenda has a dream, only of course the viewer doesn't know it's a dream. she enters billy's room (he is staying with her) he's in bed. they end up hugging, he is naked, she looks at him, he suggests she touches it, she does. they kiss. so twisted but so well done. so like a dream.
claire is going off the rails. she is drunk all the time, or stoned. drives and totals her car. so we see the end of this beautiful beast, one of the visual icons of this show for me:

in another scene she confronts two women leaving the funeral parlour, who have just been making arrangements for their son and brother. we know the dead man was young, a returned soldier, legless and missing one arm. he was horrifically injured. we know also his sister helped him kill himself. on the back of the mother's vehicle, a huge petrol guzzling suv, is a sticker that says "support our troops".
claire catches sight of this while she is drunk; she lets rip a poisonous invective against the two women, ranting that it's because of cars like this that america has invaded iraq, for oil, also that the support the troops sticker is misguided, people are dying over there, she screamed, iraqis, children, women, etc etc.
she has no idea that their son and brother was a soldier and was dead.
it was a wonderful scene, and hard to watch.
also hard to watch claire spitting abuse at the kindly ted who has been her rock the last couple of episodes. a man not more than an acquaintance but clearly a decent person who has supported her and been there for her, and, we hoped, a potential long-term, happily-ever-after future husband. claire pushed him away, told him to fuck off, told him he was a jerk etc.
david continues to lose it with his panic attacks. it's just all spinning out of control and i really fear for next week. i won't be able to watch it until probably tuesday night. and then i will mourn its finishing.
and move onto something else.


Magical_M said...

i can't watch it anymore. its too distressing.

gary ablett mowing off half his foot on the other hand is hysterical. what a tool.

Magical_M said...

that's really mean of me isn't it?

ok. i take it back.

not really.

BEVIS said...


MelbourneGirl said...

yes it was a fairly toolish act. but good to know he does his own lawns?

poor gary.

so you really have stopped watching sfu? you can't have, not after all this time? it is distressing yes. but i have to see what happens. even if from behind a cushion.

i am such a child.

hey bev. how are you? i haven't been over to your tv place yet. strange, i am blogging less when i thought i would be blogging more. something to do with not sitting at a computer all day, every day i think. also am on a fitness kick, so that takes time. believe me.

i promise i will be over to leave witty and charming comments soon, okay?


all right then. i just promise to come over next week.

BEVIS said...

Hehe ... I would never make the sort of remark your pause is meant to indicate that I said in our imaginary conversation just there (about your witty and charming comments, etc).

Okay, maybe I would. Well observed.

As for the rapid success of my new TV blog (not), I just left a comment after one of yours on my regular blog, which I hadn't replied to yet, saying something along those lines exactly. Woe is me, etc.

Oh well, hopefully it will pick up in time.

More importantly, not sitting in front of a computer is a good problem to have, so don't apologise! It's not as if you're everywhere else in the blogosphere except over at mine. Then I might feel slightly miffed or something. But it's all good.

Best of luck with your health kick, too. I'd wager things will dip drastically once the KK store opens in five days.


Susanne said...

Oh I'm so excited about the final episode tonight!

BEVIS said...

So did they all die? Did they? Huh? Did they? Did they?

MelbourneGirl said...

the kk store is open now, and after reading it takes 9,000 steps to work off just ONE original glazed, john and i won't be driving out there weekly to get the mixed dozen.

and the health kick dipped already this week. we went away from saturday to last night and it's hard to exercise and make good food choices when one is on holiday. back to the gym this week. yes, i've joined a gym.

MelbourneGirl said...

ps. haven't watched the last episode yet. we have it taped. might not get to it until tomorrow night. going out tonight with my friend r and she's coming back for a sleepover. i hope we don't have a late night, i am a real homebod at the moment.

BEVIS said...

The KK store opens tomorrow morning, actually. So maybe that's the REAL purpose of your sleepover? Are you going to roll out your sleeping bags on the steps of the KK store in Fountain Gate? 9,000 steps be damned?

MelbourneGirl said...

ok. enough of krispy kremes. i am not obsessed with them. hope you are happily munching as i speak bevis. and about six feet under. yes they did all die. but not in the way i expected.

we all die eventually.

tears much last night. so so sad. but good.

BEVIS said...

I have since heard how they all died -- we, the audience, skipped into the future to see each of their deaths or something, yes? Sounds cool.

And kudos to me (someone who's only ever watched ten minutes of a single episode) for predicting it. Sort of. (You know I don't mind saying so!)

As for the KK which we shall not mention here again, I haven't been. I initially planned to line up for three days in advance to get the "free year's worth of doughnuts", but as the weeks wore on and I've started feeling more and more ... not exactly 'depressed', but not exactly 'excited', either ... about not having a job, the idea of even travelling to Narre Warren just completely lost its brand-new shiny appeal.

MelbourneGirl said...

i understand about the doughnuts. keep your chin up about the job, it'll all work out. i just know it.

yes you are a genius for predicting that a show about death would somehow end with everyone dying. you picked it good. the thing is i inadvertantly read somewhere else that "everything finishes, everywhere" in the last episode and thought it would be some cataclysmic event that wiped everyone out, or a series of events. but it wasn't. it was quite well done, but sad. though the make up of them all when they were old looked pretty naff. but apart from that...