Wednesday, June 28, 2006

happiness for me today, part 2

happiness for me today was cooking ms fits' delightful and charming soup.

and eating it.

happiness was also cuddling a sweet-smelling dressed-in-pink baby girl who coo'd and smiled and charmed my pants off.

happiness today was going to the europa cake store and buying up because we had visitors coming for lunch.

happiness was also buying the three kids a new book each. princess got the next harry potter, the phoenix one. we start tonight.

[rubs hands gleefully and tries not to cackle]

happiness for me today is knowing i am going to the gym shortly and can watch neighbours and big brother while pounding the belt on the treadmill. i really don't like that perry chick. she is beyond annoying, and i reckon rivals nikki for first murder candidate on bb, like evah.

happiness for me today was a chat on the phone with mum, talking about books, among other things.

me: you should read on beauty when i'm finished with it. you'll really enjoy it, i think. it's got everything in it. remember the early john irvings, but then he went off the boil? well, this girl is so talented. she's only 30. THIRTY!! she's writing like he did in his early days. i think authors have only got a certain number of books in them. he reached the end.

mum: i will. you know i wish roald dahl had been around when i was a kid. when princess and i read mathilda i really loved it, and i just didn't get the twist until right at the end.

me: well, he wrote some adult short stories. you know how his kid stuff can be a bit macabre? well his adult stuff he takes up a few more notches, it's really good. lots of twists and plot turns.

mum: well, i'm reading a book about mothers and daughters. i've been thinking of you as i read it. it's really wonderful. edited by joyce carol-oates. have you heard of her?

me: yeah, she's someone i've been trying to read for a while now. i got one of her books in a 2nd hand shop, haven't read it yet. she wrote an excellent book on marilyn monroe years ago, not sure, is it called blonde? anyway, apparently it's really good but hard to get... i've looked for it-

mum: have you tried those internet- is it out of print? you know, [sister's name] found those peter [so and so] dream books, you know the dream interpretation books, on one of those websites, they're in queensland and they got them from overseas and sent them down. they were really cheap and quick to get

me: yeah, i've used those sites a few times, they're good. i must remember them when i'm looking for something.

and on and on and on.

we have made a plan to take princess to see polanski's oliver on friday. i don't think it will be too dark. do you? my mum didn't think so, but then she was the one who took me to see the stage show of jesus christ superstar when i was 10, the rock horror picture show (live) when i was just a couple of years older, and sybil when i was about 12 as well. she also let me read the exorcist* (and do a book review on it for school) when i was 15.

one sadness today. gigi had to go back to the vet. she threw up again this morning, and hasn't been eating. so we went back and got some more antibiotics. hopefully she'll pick up again.

poor baby.

* mum may not have actually known i was reading it. i'm sure she also wasn't aware i was ploughing through my father's erotic novels: all the emanuelles, the fan club and the story of o at about the same time.


Tuppence said...

Perry must go.

Prayers for Gigi.

The Man at the Pub said...

Happy Days all round! YAYYYY!!!

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks tupp.

hey yamez. nice to see you.

sublime-ation said...

Who wrote Beauty?

You sound like are having nice times, MG. Good for you.

Poor Gigi though, I send puppy love through the cables...

MelbourneGirl said...

hey sublime. zadie smith wrote it. it's her third. i couldn't finish the first (it started so well, i was excited then i lost interest. that was white teeth) second one i didn't bother with. then this one. i like it.

gigi is on the improve, she is perking up again. i suspect part of the problem was her dried food. have changed her back to the original food that was recommended by the breeder.

am poaching her a chicken breast now. indulgence much?

mais oui. but i don't care. she's my baby.

ms fits said...

Slightly off-topic, but you were in my dream last night. We were waitresses at a charmingly incompetent Italian restaurant.

May I say that you were a far finer waitress than me and had rather deft skills when it came to handling spaghetti bolognaise.

MelbourneGirl said...

ms fits, i would be thrilled to waitress with you any time, although i fear that you would quickly see i'm a graduate of the manuel-waitering academy out of barcelona. it would be amusing if not knicker-wettingly uproarious.