Saturday, June 24, 2006

happiness is...

happiness is pottering around in a garden on a mild winter's day.

the lavender is blooming lovely.

happiness is then being served a candlelit meal, cooked by three beautiful children.

burgers with the lot, and wedges. and every condiment you can think of.

handmade menus, place settings and cutlery holders.

then having two-tiered blue and red jelly with hundreds and thousands on the top.

this is what happiness is for me today.


BEVIS said...

That is so sweet!!!!

Sorry, but it's just adorable.

I'm glad you've had such a wonderful day.


Psst - Does John want to be 'the twelfth man' in Big Blogger? If so, he'd better be quick!

John Surname said...

I love SFU and Arrested Dev., great to see you do too!

Susanne said...

Aw, that's sweet.

elaine said...

Best. Day. Ever.

Anonymous said...

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