Monday, June 26, 2006

you know that a television show has entered your family's life in a most fundamental way when

1. on a road trip, the categories for a popular guessing game are animal, vegetable, mineral and neighbours.
2. your daughter is calling all her nintendogs sky, steph, dylan, stingray and jp.
3. the first item of business at the dinner table is discussing "neighbours theories"
4. you keep having this conversation* with your daughter as follows:

princess: i just can't believe it
me: what? carl and susan?
princess: yessssss! isn't that an affair?
me: well, it was just a kiss-
princess: but they went up onto their KNEES...
me: well- as i was going to say, it was a kiss. if they did more and carl didn't tell jenny, then that would be an affair-
princess: i just can't believe it

5. the mosaic-style promos that run immediately after each show can sometimes send our family into paroxyms of collective excitement and confusion (in equal measures) with hearty demands for a rewind, sometimes twice, before we all kind of settle down, muttering about theories, and highly-pitched chatter from princess about what's coming next on this show of shows.
6. much thought and time is invested in considering which neighbour is the favourite. princess says she likes sky and mishka.
7. on mishka, i myself have given much thought to whether mishka, admittedly almost my favourite character, is truly a russian laydee. i have seen her in other things, though, i am sure. i feel she is just acting well, though of course with all the vodka and overuse of the infinitive, it strays well inside stereotype-territory. i am impressed with the authentic phrasing of her "bad english". someone on the script team has done some english teaching and one stage, is this not true?

* i swear. i have been over this with her about six times now.


BEVIS said...

Ahh, how this post made me laugh!!

"But they got up on their KNEES!"


I think this is all absolutely wonderful, although I have very differing views to you on the Mishka thing. But that's okay. You're allowed to like her and I'm allowed to be driven insane by her.

But yes, she is definitely an Australian actress. If you can bear to get past my attacks on her accent and acting, have a look here at my thoughts on her (and for details as to who the actress actually is -- and doubtless, where you know her from).

That difference of opinion aside, I think I love your family!

Rowena said...

Neighbours is the greatest show that has ever been on TV. Fact.

My favourite character is Susan. I've got a girl-crush on her. I believe she's a lezzer in real life, so that's handy.