Friday, June 09, 2006

some geelong football friday news, and other sundry matters

blogger is being a fuck-arse so i can't post what i've been working on.

so in the meantime...

[throws some raw fish to the seals]

or should that be...

[throws some hunks 'o meat to the lions]

1. apparently, gary hocking is the best coach that's been down geelong way in a while. he is coaching one of the young teams. my prediction is he will be the next coach for the seniors when thompson leaves. more on thompson's destiny and what's going down at the club at the end of the weekend. my source will be reporting back later.

2. the other gary, ablett senior, "mowed off half his foot when he was doing his lawns recently"

me: fuck! shit! he must have had bare feet!

geelong deepthroat: he was wearing thongs, or something.

otherwise, i am making seafood risotto for dinner. think, beautiful coral-red tasmanian salmon, some peppery rocket leaves, some red capsicum and green peas. with shavings of pana granado.

3. if you google "pana granado" my food blog comes up in first position. i am astounded. perhaps i have misspelt it.

4. oyster bay is my new signature wine. it's on special locally for $14 a bottle, and it comes in two flavours; sav blanc and chardonnay. this is very, very good.

5. the grand hyatt melbourne is promoting a mystery package where you pay from $240 per room and on arrival every guest has to roll a pair of dice to discover what prize they have won. prizes are things like room upgrades, massages etc. they don't mention having to go and rape a neighbour, which was the ultimate roll-option in luke rheinhart's the dice man, but i wonder if they got their inspiration from said novel. check it out if you can find a copy. changed my world. almost.

6. speaking of neighbours, i want toady and katya to get it on big time. i also half wish elle had blown up in the car explosion.

7. six feet under. nate died, and i am just clenching my shoulders with dread about what is going to happen to the rest of them. i refuse to believe that he was the main character and will be the only one to have some sort of resolution. i'm hoping that other stuff happens, but also hope it doesn't.

8. watched big brother last night. it's so fucking boring. maybe because i haven't been watching it, but that conversation between blondie girl and headband boy in the spa was so dull. talk about him just not being interested in her. does she get it yet? are they a couple? she is fucking cueless if she's not getting the message. it's like they were having a couple conversation, in her mind, but he was just so not there. i reckon he fancies someone else.


Steph said...

I'm very over JamKat. She is as intelligent as a single celled Omoeba, and he LIKE annoys me, cos LIKE, he talks LIKE Zoo-fucking-Lander!

Magical_M said...

Goodness! A 42 point victory! Well done Cats! I had you down for maybe 14 points? Hope the luck slides over to us against Port. I'm not terribly optimistic... Port are a dirty bunch.

I missed SFU this week and probably just as well if Nate died. Bastard scriptwriters.

There's a Fame marathon on musicmax this weekend... will be you be watching?

BEVIS said...

If you're ever going to vote for one of these shows, please make it this week and please vote Katie off.

She wastes everyone's time and I really, really dread that her utter, utter stupidity is going to be rewarded by 12-year-old girls who idolise her and then help her win. What kind of message is it sending to youngsters like Princess when Katie's density is put on a pedestal? Look what it did for Reggie ...

Katie is so very undeserving of winning. It's not as if she's even entertaining like Nikki on BBUK.

As for Toadie & Katya -- see my TV blog for the post I wrote about Connor (long though it is) for my early prediction of those two getting it on and even one day having a kid. (My reasons for this can be found in the post.)

(Is self-promotion like that okay, if it's related to the topic at hand?)