Wednesday, October 18, 2006

the black owl

3 minutes ago my mother and i were standing in my kitchen. she told me about a dream, and then went back outside to cut some roses.

and i rushed in here.

she said she had a dream a few weeks ago, about a native american woman sitting in the dirt, connecting with the earth. there were large birds walking around her. and there was a black owl to the side, a huge black owl, that would stand hip-high to a human. the owl had a wide wing span and was moving its feathers in a motion that swept up dirt over itself; it was giving itself a dirt bath.

mum sees a dream analyst, who talked it through with her. he thought it might symbolise connecting with the planet and the ground, those sorts of things. he said he would look it up in his big book at home.

next session he told mum he'd found the black owl. apparently native americans believe that a black owl is a harbinger of death.

are you getting shivery?

mum had no idea about this metaphor. neither did peter, he said he'd never heard of it before.

i am shivery.

but he assured her he thinks that rather than her thinking death is imminent for herself, that death is close to all of us, it's in all our lives, but that she more than most might have it a little closer to her mind than others, as she continues to live with cancer.

but how freaky is that owl? where did it come from? is there such a thing as archetypal memory?


groverjones said...

I was going to drop some smart-arse comment about Jim Morrison, visions in the desert and Wayne's World, until you said she had cancer. Now I'm shivery. Then again, my other half was dreaming about Kim Jong Il chasing her the other night and that hasn't happened in real life yet!

MelbourneGirl said...

i wouldn't have held the smart-arse comment against you groverjones, but i might have liked you just a little less.

thanks for not. though i do get your references, and as far as i'm aware mum had not been bonging on, or partaking of tricocereus pachanoi.

was kim jong trying to kidnap your wife? he's been known to do that. he grabbed a tv news presenter or some such and kept her for 20 years. lord know what he did with her. and then there were the japanese on the beach. freaky shit.

Magical_M said...

I have never cared for owls. I think its the spinning of the head thing...

And that story made me shivery.

But you can never tell... I went to a tarot card reader about 7 years ago who told me that my mother was going to die in the next year.

She's still kickin' on... healthy as a horse after no fewer than 5 bouts of cancer throughout her life.

Hopefully it will be all good for your ma too.


meva said...

Years ago my mother had a dream that my brother and me were sucked into a blow hole. It didn't happen to us, be a few days later she read that some children had been; in America,I think.

Who knows what dreams mean? Is it our subconscious telling us something? Maybe. My mum thought that perhaps we can sometimes pick up really strong signals from other people. Like radio waves. It sounds kind of reasonable to me.

I'm sorry to read about your mum's illness. Treat her tenderly, and hold her close.

Scott B said...

aaaah flippin' dream shrinks talk a load of hobknobbin money leeching balderdash...sometimes. How much did mamma pay for such crap nonsense? I suggest she go and lay some owl pellets out on his desk and ask him to anal-ize that for a dollar.

on a sensible note

Owls my dear, in spiritual context, which this clearly is owing to the presence of naked indians and such like. mean just what they always meant, wisdom. yea baby maybe death but only the death of stupidity, death of non-wisdom, of innocence. not the death of life, thats just like some shmuck dream anal-yst to go getting hooked on the black angel bollocks. ('scuse my french)
So there you go. feel better? you should. mamma has got a pet black owl coming round to teach her something, and sure it may hurt a bit but when didnt true knowledge hurt?
but death? pleeeeeease. if she dreamt of cars it would mean death, big bastard metal things rushing people to their mindless funerals, if she dreamt of concrete it would mean death, big high rise buildings sucking the life out of fleshy soul bags that we are.
but an owl?
its all good.
black is the new white this season havent you heard?

sleep easy.
the truth is coming

here endeth the lesson.

I need a drink, I think we all do, who's buying? fetch the dream shrink bank he has the cash :)

Scott B

LuLa said...

Personally, I believe that dreams act as a link between our sub/un conscious thoughts/ feelings/ observations and the conscious mind.

Having said this, what an owl means to me is most likely completely different to what it means to you. And to your mother...

All of our experiences shape these thoughts and so I believe that the only person who can really truly interpret a dream is one's self.

You may not even be able to reflect back to the point where an association was made, but I feel you've got a much better chance of successfully doing it than someone with a big book!

Bless xx

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks everyone for your comments. i also believe that resonation is key; like lula said, meaning or interpretation is different for different people.

but i do like owls, always have.