Friday, October 06, 2006

you probably think i was kidding

when i said i bet martha stewart never had to tape shut her oven.

well, i wasn't.

it's taped shut now. with clear tape, instead of the brown stuff that was used last time, which i had to scrub off.

fuckitty fuck. it has to be the worst oven i have even had. even the one in osaka was better, because it was a toaster oven and therefore i had no high expectations.

now before you feel too sorry for me, i have this to say. along with there being trevally in little alfoil parcels in there, with tomatoes, tarragon and oil, around the house there are vases and VASES of freshly-cut fleurs that my wonderful garden yielded me today.

birds of paradise. which i'm not too partial to, but john adores. on the mantlepiece above the fireplace.

pink blossom in a fetching japonois arrangement next to the ceramic buddha in the entry space.

gorgeous peony roses, of scarlet, with their blowsy petals adroop in the bathroom.

and overblown and fullsome peach roses (usually i abhor peach, but in a rose it is charming) nestled with some jasmine beside my bed. our bed.

i enjoyed the garden today. while the gigi lolled in the shade, i tidied up the bird she had somehow caught, plucked and chewed. i sprayed the roses for aphids. they weren't there last year, why now? and i put on gardening gloves, so retro, and pulled out suckers that were attacking my roses. i picked lemons, six of them. filled the wheel barrow with weeds and flowers. and i was so happy.

need to tackle the tennis court yet.

and i am flirting with the idea of a great gatsby type partay sometime. on a sultry, hot night.
i see gin and tonics, white dresses and hats, and some badly played tennis. fluffy i think has suggested such an event, and it is very much to my liking.

what do you think?


fluffy said...

And I would love to attend! I am so jealous of your garden. Fresh flowers are my favourite indulgence.

groverjones said...

I forgot to tell you a few weeks ago that it was me that posted anonymously about having a baby. Just remembered tonight (that you wanted me to tell you, not that we are pregnant), although we had the 'Not Obviously A Freak And Most Probably Human' scan a couple of weeks ago and started telling people then.

Best advice I've received so far: "Sure, she's eating for two but you've got to start drinking for three!"

Ms Batville said...

As long as all the men are required to look like Robert Redford or that other guy who is now on Law & Order. And serve you. And make the cocktails.

That would be perfect. Congrats on the garden.

meva said...

Your garden sounds lovely. And, indeed, my garden is lovely. It's just that the inside-bit of my house looks like an expose on Today Tonight, so the loverley fleurs are somewhat wasted.

oh well...

Gianluca Di Milano said...

I can to come to your party darling? I'm like the gins and tonics to much. which kind of party? Drugs party or disguise party (nice party where evryone is dress like the vilage peoples and make the sex in the piscina)?

Gianluca Di Milano said...

I'm not have a garden but some time I am visit the favela. this is very lovly place where the rastafarians are grow the vegtables and sell the weeds

sublime-ation said...

oh yes.

*scours Camberwell Market for suitable white dress*

John Surname said...

why thank you Melbourne Girl. You can find the film here:

MelbourneGirl said...

thanks fluffy. you can come and you can pick roses...

grover, congratulations. i think i left a message at ms fits' somewhere wondering if indeed it was you. well done, and hope the pregnancy goes well.

i remember that "not obviously a freak and most probably human" scan. the moment when the princess-to-be peeped out between the two walls of my uterus was, while COMPLETELY FREAKY, a tear-inducing moment. it was then i really, fully knew that there was a little person growing inside of me. and then the thought that it might be a boy, with PENIS, freaked me out too. in a philosophical way. not that i have anything against penises, but it was just a weird thought.

ms batville, the robert redford hunk would have to be him from 30 years ago. now, he's not so tasty.

mena, flowers are never wasted. just put more around the house.

gianluca, you may come to the party, of course. but malfortunately, there is no piscina. there is a tennis court, with patch en-tous-cas; which, in any case, might give lotharios such as yourself a bit of a rash? were you to try to race off one of my white-attired female guests.

sublime, i'm thinking halterneck? marilyn monroe style. or are we thinking a la annie hall retro chic? maybe the latter.

john surname. thanks. everyone, check it out. it's a sweet piece in which the writing and directing SHINE. in my humble opinion. and no, i'm not related to john, nor do i know him in any way.

John Surname said...

You are too kind.

If anyone needs any incentives to watch it, it's about the death of eddie mcguire...

MelbourneGirl said...

that rules clokes out of a potential audience, then.