Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Derek and Clive week part 1

warning: this might be offensive to people who are religious and don't like swearing. but i love it.

when i was in my late teens, early twenties, somehow i came across derek and clive, aka dudley moore and peter cook. dudley moore had appeared in crap, but at the time funny and enjoyable, movies such as 10 with multi-braided bo derek, and arthur, with wife of director blake edwards, julie andrews.

so it was a delightful, and a very, very adult thing, to stumble across this highly offensive and irreverent material.


ps. there are so many political and social issues this week that are shitting me big time, and i want to comment on them, but it's taking time to get posts together. so i guess this is a kind of stay tuned.


Pomgirl said...

Peter Cook was so cool; I was gutted when he died. He would turn up every so often on British talk shows with this air of great disdain, and always be smarter and funnier than guys much younger than him and who were trying so hard to be funny.

meva said...

Peter Cook was hilarious AND dishy (word courtesy of Ms Batsville's mother).

AND he looks like he should be in the Dandy Warhols. (EXCEPT he shows no evidence of vainglorious smugness.)

Phil said...

Thanks for the clip. I've got to find more.

BEVIS said...

Please check your email. You may have to look through your junk mail folder or something. Cheers.

sublime-ation said...

i lov-ed this.

jeesus had a winky.