Thursday, October 05, 2006

my inner hoon

true confessions time. last night i went to get the next dvd of lost from the video store. i can't wait until we are up to date with them, because then i can go and read the reviews bevis has put together.

i took john's car.

this is john's car:

my sister and i call it electric blue, only when we say it we actually sing it, like in that icehouse song.

so i drive out into the night. window open, cause it was so warm. this would ordinarily be an unspectacular moment. and it was. until i put on the radio.

this is what was on:

now, i grew up in the 70s listening to my cousins' black sabbath, led zeppelin and deep purple albums. when i listen to wolfmother, it takes me back to my childhood, times spent running wild, playing with scalectrix cars, cb radios and skateboards. and listening to this type of music.

yes, it's derivative. there's kind of this status quo riff running right through the back of a lot of the songs.

but i find it intoxicating, especially when driving that car. so intoxicating i dragged off a man in a station wagon who tried to take me on, at the lights on nepean highway, but then i missed my turn. and had to do a u-turn, which wasn't very wolfmother.

there. i've said it. i didn't think i would, but in much the same way that i have crossed over after taking the piss out of john's car, now it's happening with his music.

but it will never NEVER happen with the football team. i will never, ever barrack for collingwood. again.

do you have an inner, or indeed an outer, hoon?


Clokeeeey! said...


next I'll get you playing online games (again) to satisfy your inner FPS.

MelbourneGirl said...


Clokeeeey! said...

I've lost the ability to create links.

Dxxxx said...

Heh, there's nothing like a bit of old school metal to bring out the beast in all of us. I used to drive like a demon with it blaring back in the old days.

You go girl!


Now you've got that stupid icehouse song stuck in my head!

MelbourneGirl said...

being a first person shooter scares me. i found tomb raider hard for those reasons. but maybe one day, but only if i can be lara croft. not a khakhi clad soldier man.

hey dxxxx, electric blue!

sublime-ation said...

hell yeah
some of my friends have been shocked at my inner hoon, albeit in my little car. I normally prefer a bit of NWA or Dillinga.
And you should see me out bush in a 4 wheel.
The other night we made our friend's boyfriend drive us home from St Kilda while we rapped along to 'Fuck the Police'* (full blast, natch) whilst swigging champagne from the bottle.
How hoon is that. Reminds me that I haven't changed much since I was 14.

*or 'Nic la Police' as the Frenchies insisted on saying it.

I'm not Craig said...

I found my inner hoon on a dirt road next to the Goulburn River, about 30km out of Shepparton.

It would have been more convincing if I had not been driving a baby blue 1985 Corona.

And I so totally feel dxxxx's pain on that Icehouse song.

Suse said...

Sadly, I only have an inner dag.

MelbourneGirl said...

i have an outer dag and inner hoon, suse.