Thursday, September 04, 2008

am i going to regret vowing that i would still be blogging when i'm 80?

but this is all i've got today:

1. brendan fevola apparently has taken the moral high ground saying that he doesn't care what the afl think about him because they can't even spell his name properly. and this makes them the tools, and him not a tool for having a plastic tool hanging out the front of his boxer shorts, or some such nonsense.*

2. parents of melbourne - do your children's teachers, nay the whole of society, a favour. please. will you fucking tell your brats NO and stick to it? just occasionally would help i think. draw some lines, place some limits, have some intestinal fortitude, they won't hate you, you won't damage them, they won't die from disappointment. really they won't. and hearing the word "no" won't make them explode either. if you don't let them rule you and the household, then they won't think they can rule teachers and school. thanks.*

3. is there any kind of sadder dream than the one where it's you and a famous person, getting on really well in a mates way. there's not necessarily kissing, or sex, or even flirting (though sometimes there be). but the dreams where you are having a great time, laughing, chatting, and they are so comfortable with you and they like you, and you are not a freaky stalker in their eyes.

this was my dream, this morning, with jamie oliver.

4. regarding number 2 above. you parents are responsible for me pulling out the old grey goose, whacking 4, COUNT THEM FOUR, olives on a toothpick, and cleaning a martini glass on a thursday evening. i hope you're happy.

* sounds like i am already 80

hope you are travelling well.

go cats.


gullybogan said...

I'm going right out now and tell someone's - anyone's - damn kids NO.

Actually, maybe i'll wait till daylight...

There might be fevolas about.

Little Miss Scatterbrain said...

I have those dreams all the time...and yeah, it's a 'lil sad.

jo_blue said...

Sounds like a tough day at the office, Melba, and I do sympathise, because I know what it's like.

And those dreams - right now, those types of dreams are sometimes the best part of my life - how sad is that!

Hugs to you.

Melba said...

good on you gullybogan, start small and we can make a revolution.

re the sad dreams, they are so nice aren't they? in a way better than the sex dreams.