Wednesday, September 10, 2008

finally, i have tidied up beside the bed

books that have been moved from their little piles on the floor next to my place of sleeping:

as yet unread -

rohinton mistry such a long journey

eric clapton the autobiography

brothers grimm complete fairy tales

germaine greer the change: women, ageing and the menopause

read -

mark seymour thirteen tonne theory

naomi wolf promiscuities

read already but is talking to me again -

tim winton the riders

dipped into -

his holiness the dalai lama the essence of happiness

the dalai lama's book of wisdom

cormac mc carthy blood meridian

charles bukowski the most beautiful woman in town and other stories

books i have left beside the bed in one pile:

gregory david roberts shantaram

a.b. facey a fortunate life

nancy friday the power of beauty

geraldine brooks year of wonders

buddhism for mothers by i can't be bothered going back in there to see.

the one that i've been reading mostly recently is the nancy friday one. this was interrupted by reading the twilight series, in tandem with princess. i've also been reading the papers, magazines, that trashy kind of stuff. and going in and out of a fortunate life and shantaram.

it's like i can't settle down and read happily like i used to. i feel i'm in between books, and it's a disturbing feelings. i can't be happy enough if i haven't got a book that calls me from the other room. and happy enough is all i am hoping for, really. it's all anyone can hope for. forget blissful. forget great, or wonderful. if you can be happy enough, you're doing pretty damn well i reckon.

tonight i am looking forward to starting year of wonders. i hope it keeps me. i feel like i'm kind of going off fiction - well, not going off but i feel i've almost had my fill. does that sound crazy? i turn towards non-fiction, because fiction seems to disappoint these days as much as it delights.

must go and sew some buttons back onto a cushion. it probably won't end well.

love from,

slightly jaded reader with sore feet



pepsi said...

Year of Wonder is an absolute treat.

Melba said...

hey pepsi. yes i am loving it so far. i enjoyed her nine parts of desire, had no idea it was the same person until i read the jacket.

Anonymous said...

I found the Year of Wonders got a little melodramatic towards the end.

Seriously Harlequin-grade melodramatic (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Which was galling, since it began so well.

Melba said...

oh thanks for that, gullybogan. i'm just going to have to try to ignore what you said there.

but maybe melodrama is fitting for the times the story is set in?

will get back to you on this when i've finished the book. not read much this weekend, been too busy.

chips said...

I love Charles Bukowski.

Keep meaning to read Cormac McCarthy. There's so many of his books that I want to read.